Baptist Heritage and the 21st Century

A Special Pamphlet Series

Baptist Contributions to Protestantism – William H. Brackney

Patterns in Denominationalism – Pamela R. Durso

Big Issues Facing Baptists Today – Charles W. Deweese

Directions in Theological Education – Pamela R. Durso

Baptist Women Deacons – Charles W. Deweese

The Meaning of Ordination – Wm. Loyd Allen

The Ten Most Influential Baptists

Baptist Women in Ministry

Baptist World Congress Freedom Themes

Trends in Baptist Polity

Baptist Confessions of Faith

Baptist Origins

Baptist History Speaks to Contemporary Issues

Baptist Origins and Beliefs

Baptist Beginnings

Southern Baptist Beginnings

Turning Points in Baptist History

Baptists and Their Theology

Priesthood of All Believers

Perspectives on Women in Baptist Life

Myth: Baptists Believe in Doctrinal Uniformity