Congregational Resources for Teaching Baptist Heritage

Resources for Teaching Our Baptist Faith Heritage in Local Congregations

The Baptist History & Heritage Society provides the following free resources for use in local congregations. These resources may be freely reproduced.

History Speaks to Hard Questions Baptists Ask

Reflections on 400 Years of Baptist History
By Pamela Durso
Baptists and the Poor

By Albert L. Reyes
Baptists and Religious Liberty: Where Do We Stand Today?

By J. Brent Walker
Who is a Baptist?

By Thomas R. McKibbens
Baptists and Worship: How Can We Improve the Experience?

By Emmanuel A. McCall
Baptists and Local-Church Education: Is Sunday School Ministry
Still Relevant
By Dennis Foust
Baptists and the Family: What is Going on in Baptist Life?

By Lawrence H. Williams
Baptists, the Economy, and Violence: What is Happening and Why?

By David P. Gushee
Baptists and Resurgent Calvinism: What are the True Implications?

By Fisher Humphreys
Baptists and the Prosperity Gospel: Have We Turned the Gospel into Magic?
By Karen Bullock
Baptist Survival: What Are the Top Challenges Facing
Baptists Today?
By Doug Weaver
Baptists and Immigration: Are We Welcoming Strangers
in the Gates?
By William M. Tillman, Jr.
Baptist Higher Education: How Baptist Is It?

By Michael E. Williams, Sr.
The Apparent Decline in Evangelism by Baptists in the U.S.
By William M. Pinson, Jr.
Baptist and Ethics: What Issues Are Most Important Today?

By Robert Parham
Baptist Churches and Leadership: Where Are We Headed?

By Jerry L. Faught II
Ecumenical/Interfaith Dialogue and Ministry: Are Baptists Ready
for the Excitement?
By John M. Finley
Baptist Interaction With Popular Culture: Traps and Opportunities
By C. Delane Tew
Baptists and the Internet: Are Baptists In Touch or Out of Touch?
By Bruce T. Gourley
Baptists and the Emerging Church: Are Baptists Losing Their Identity?
By William Loyd Allen
Race Relations: How Do Baptists Treat Their Brothers & Sisters?
By Pamela Smoot
Baptists and Globalism: What are Baptists’ New Frontiers?
By Bill J. Leonard
The Baptist Name: What Does it Mean?
By Charles Deweese

Baptist Heritage Church Bulletin Inserts

The following church bulletin inserts were produced in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of Baptists in 2009, but are suitable for use as bulletin inserts today.

Baptist Beginnings, 1609
Baptist Beginnings in America, 1639
Separate Baptists
Baptist Contributions to Religious Freedom
The Move of Baptists Westward
Baptist Support of the Missionary Movement
The Spread of the Gospel Among Native Americans
The Preaching of the Gospel: A Baptist Tradition
Baptist Denominational and Moral Leadership
Hispanic Baptist Beginnings and Development
Baptists and Social Ministries: Nannie Helen Burroughs

Ten Suggestions for Celebrating the 400th Anniversary
of Baptist Beginnings