Board of Directors / Officers

Dr. Pamela Smoot, BH&HS President

Dr. Pamela Smoot, BH&HS President


Dr. Pamela Smoot, President (Southern Illinois University) — 2015-2017

Dr. Doug Weaver, President (Baylor University, TX) — 2015-2017

Doug Weaver

Dr. Doug Weaver, BH&HS Vice President

Dr. Michael Kuykendall, Secretary (Golden Gate Theological Seminary, Vancouver, WA) — 2015-2017

Alyson Dickson, Treasurer (Vanderbilt University, Tennessee) — 2016-2018

  • Ms. Dickson is a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee

Board Members at Large

Dr. Aaron Weaver, Georgia — 2014-2017

  • Dr. Weaver is an author, blogger and Communications Manager of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (visit his blog)

Rev. Gary Burton, Alabama — 2016-2018

  • Rev. Burton is long-time pastor of Pintlala Baptist Church in Hope Hull, Alabama and a published local historian, having served as former president of the Alabama Historical Association

Dr. John Pierce, Georgia — 2013-2017