About the Baptist History and Heritage Society

The Baptist History and Heritage Society, a non-profit, professional organization with members worldwide, bridges the worlds of the academy and the congregation,  communicating the story of Baptists through print and digital media publications, conferences and seminars. Like our new Facebook page.


John M. Finley, BH&HS Executive Director

We are a non-profit, national, independent, diverse organization of Baptist historians and other individuals and partner institutions committed to communicating the story of Baptists through the study, interpretation, publication, and advocacy of Baptist history.  We are a bridge between the world of the academy and congregational life. We are governed by a board of directors. Our Mission Statement is: Helping Baptists discover, conserve, assess, and share their history. While the primary focus of our work is among Baptists, we also assist the general public in understanding Baptists.

membership_map_2016The BH&HS is supported by educational institutions, denominational organizations, local churches and individuals throughout the United States and beyond. (Click on map to view U.S. support.)

In the words of Gary Burton, pastor of Pintlala Baptist Church in Alabama and BH&HS board member: “I know of no other organization which exists for this mission and this mission alone: to call Baptists to connect with their past in order to shape a more compelling future.” (Read Burton’s Challenge to Remember our Faith Heritage.”)



The BH&HS publishes a variety of print and digital media resources (including books, an academic journal, and online resources), sponsors various local, regional and national conferences, and bestows awards upon individuals and organizations who make exceptional contributions in the field of Baptist history.

On Mission With God: Free and Faithful Baptists in the 21st CenturyWe work alongside scholars, clergy, laity, and the general public. We focus on the world of the academy and the life of the local church. Our work and contributions encompass the diverse world of Baptists and the wide variety of Baptist beliefs, while intersecting the larger world through a focus on the long-held Baptist heritage of freedom of conscience, religious liberty, and separation of church and state.


The BH&HS depends upon Society memberships and the generous donations of members and friends of the Society, including individuals, local congregations, and institutions. If you are appreciative of the Baptist contribution to the history of church and world, and wish to see  Baptist principles and ideals preserved and championed in the twenty-first century, please consider joining the BH&HS and/or supporting the Society financially.

The Society is appreciative of institutional partnerships, including Baptist organizations and universities. Our Baptist History & Heritage Journal is a well-respected academic publication that features the work of Baptist scholars, while our annual conference is the leading Baptist history conference in the United States. University partners help provide input into the development of the Journal and direction of the annual conference.

Finally, the BH&HS seeks major donors who wish to contribute their resources to the Baptist legacy of freedom of conscience, religious liberty and separation of church and state, among other important traditional Baptist themes. If the preservation and championing of Baptist principles is important to you, learn how you can make a gift.


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