[02/11/2011] Baylor’s Baptist Studies Center for Research Launches

Baylor University today formally announced the creation of the Baptist Studies Center for Research. The Center’s mission is to “preserve the 400-year global heritage of Baptists — the country’s second-largest denomination — through a virtual depository of important Baptist documents, photographs, books and other collections.” The digitizing of Baptist records from four centuries of Baptist history is central to the achievement of the Center’s mission.

Baylor’s new Baptist Studies Center for Research is the latest in a number of Baptist initiatives housed at the Baptist university. Doug Weaver, assistant professor of religion, and Bill Pitts, professor of religion, are providing leadership for the Center. Weaver is the editor of the Baptist History & Heritage Journal, while both Weaver and Pitts are longtime members and key supporters of the Baptist History & Heritage Society. Baylor University has long been an important partner and supporter of the BH&HS, and the presence of the Center enhances the partnership between the Baylor and the Society.

Read the Baylor Press release here.