[October 5, 2016] Baptist History and Heritage Month @ FBC Asheville

ashevillefbcThe First Baptist Church of Asheville, NC is honoring Baptist History and Heritage Month in the following ways:

Each Wednesday evening in October, the congregation will be invited to participate in conversation around how we live as followers of Jesus in a religiously diverse culture. Baptists have traditionally championed religious freedom because we believe God’s gift of freedom is rooted in Scripture and lived out in the liberty of our conscience, which allows people the freedom to say yes or to say no to faith, and make up their own minds about God at their own pace. It is freedom to use the mind as a gift of God – to ask questions, to debate, and even to doubt.

On week one, we will hear from Holly Hollman, general counsel and associate executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (BJC). On the second Wednesday, we will see a video of church and community members who will share their thoughts on religious freedom. Kris Pratt will lead us on the third week to explore scripture and consider our Baptist heritage of religious freedom. The final week, Kris Pratt and Mack Dennis will respond to some of the questions that arise throughout the previous sessions.

The purpose of Listening with Love conversations is . . .

  • to create a safe environment for speaking openly and honestly with one another about topics that impact our lives, faith, and community;
  • to listen with respect to one another’s story and to the biblical witness; and
  • to remain united in Christian love when we disagree

Thank you to Dr. Kris Pratt, Professor of Religion at Spartanburg Methodist College, for submitting the above information.