[Sept. 5, 2012] SBHLA Lynn May Study Grants Available

From the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives:

The Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee, sponsors a program whereby funds are made available periodically for partial support of research in the SBHLA.  The grants provide a maximum of $750.  The grants are in memory of Lynn E. May, Jr., who served as Executive Director of the Historical Commission from 1971 to 1995 and who was instrumental in the establishment of the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives.

Graduate students, college and seminary professors, historians, and other writers may apply for these grants.  The applicant should state clearly the research topic and chronological period to be covered in the study.  In addition, the applicant should state whether the research project is for a degree program, or whether it is a project for the preparation of a monograph, or a manuscript being prepared for publication.  The applicant should indicate the length of research time to be spent at the SBHLA and a list of possible resources for study (names of Baptist publications, archival collections, etc.).  Recipients of grants must agree to place in the SBHLA a copy of their dissertation, monograph, or other document developed from the research project which the grant has helped to fund.

The applicant should include reasons why financial assistance is needed (travel costs, photocopying, clerical assistance, etc.).  Funds will be dispersed to the grantee after costs have been incurred.  The grantee will file an expense report for travel and research costs and receive reimbursement for expenses up to the amount of the grant.

For more information and to apply online, visit http://www.sbhla.org/sg_info.htm.  The application deadline for the 2013-2014 year is April 1, 2013.  Funds will be made available beginning April 15, 2013.  For questions, contact a member of the SBHLA staff at http://www.sbhla.org/staff.htm, or (615) 244-0344.