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This Exciting Service Provided by the Baptist History
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To publish history books about Baptists.


Histories of Baptist churches, associations, conventions, fellowships, colleges, universities, divinity schools, seminaries, newspapers, Woman's Missionary Unions, Baptist Men's ministries, student ministry programs, children's homes, adult/retirement homes, foundations, hospitals, camps and conference centers, mission programs, evangelistic associations, pastors' conferences, and other organizations. Sermon collections, Festschrifts, and topical treatments will be considered, as will books on general church history, which include Baptists, reprints of books relating to Baptists, and memoirs/biographies of Baptist leaders.

The publishers hold the right not to publish manuscripts deemed poorly written and edited, academically unsound, ethically inappropriate, or not related to Baptists. Quality publishing is a major goal.


The publishers will provide a publishing agreement which clearly identifies all the specifications and costs for a book and services to be offered; cover design, dust-jacket design, layout and design of text and photographs, copyediting, proofreading, index preparation, printing, and delivery; careful attention to schedules; and a toll-free number so that you can talk with the BH&HS at any time about any aspect of a publishing project. The pub-lishers will also copyright the book for you, obtain the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number, secure the International Standard Book Number and, if needed, create a bar code for selling the book in bookstores.


1. Program provides a trustworthy, dependable outlet for publishing Baptist-related books

2. Program offers competent personnel with significant training and experience in Baptist history, higher education, professional editing, and book publishing

3. Program features careful attention to meeting your specific publishing needs

4. Program allows you to give final approval to text and cover/dust jacket

5. Program focuses on providing high-quality books at competitive costs


1. Payments will be required at various stages in the publishing process.

2. The total cost includes complete editing, publishing, and shipping.

3. Total cost can vary from the original publishing agreement only if you later request changes in the agreement or make excessive changes on the proof pages or the cover and/or dust-jacket design—such changes will require a per-page additional charge.


1. Call the BH&HS office to discuss your proposed book: 800-966-2278. When you call, be ready either to share the desired specifications for your book or to discuss the various options:

a. Book size: 6"x 9", 8"x 10", etc.

b. Cover: hard or soft (if hard, do you want a dust jacket)?

c. Paper: 55 lb. or 60 lb. offset, cream or white, coated, acid-free, etc. (publisher will make suggestions)

d. Ink: black throughout, two color, full color?

e. Number of printed pages: if you are not able to calculate this, know the number of manuscript pages prepared by the writer

f. Photographs: how many will be included?

g. Index: will writer prepare this, or will the publishers be expected to prepare it?

h. Copies: how many copies will you want?

i. Endsheets: blank, one color, two color, full color?

j. Shrinkwrapping: will this be used for part or all of the books?

k. Word-processing program: what computer program will be used to produce the manuscript?

l. Special presentation copy/copies: special binding such as leather?

m. Launch date: exactly when will you send all materials for publishing?

n. Delivery date: what is the date by which the book must be delivered?

o. Contact person: provide the name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address for the contact person with whom the publishers will regularly communicate.

2. The publishers will then prepare a publishing agreement containing all specifications and costs for the proposed book. After signing and dating the agreement, the publishers will send you two originals. Sign and date both originals; then return one to the BH&HS and keep the second for your files.

3. When you are ready to publish your book, you will send the following items to the BH&HS:

a. A check (made out to Fields Publishing Inc.) for 50 percent of the total cost specified in the publishing agreement

b. A computer disk containing the complete manuscript

c. A printed copy of the manuscript

d. All photographs and captions (number photos; mark text to which each relates)

e. Suggestions for the cover (and dust jacket, if used)

Mail all items to the following address:

Baptist History and Heritage Society
P.O. Box 728, Brentwood, TN 37024-0728

Or ship them via UPS, Federal Express, etc., to:

5001 Maryland Way, Brentwood, TN 37027

4. After designing and laying out the book, Fields Publishing Inc. will send you both the proof pages and the cover (and dust-jacket, if used) design(s) to check. After making changes (if any), you will return the pages, cover and dust-jacket designs to Fields Publishing. At this point, you will also need to send a check (made out to Fields Publishing Inc.) for 25 percent of the total cost as specified in the publishing agreement.

Mail these items to the following address (or ship them via UPS, Federal Express, etc.):

Fields Publishing Inc.
917 Harpeth Valley Place
Nashville, TN 37221-1141

5. After all changes have been made, either you or the publishers will prepare the index, as agreed to in the publishing agreement.

6. After the index has been completed and you have approved the index proof, the book will go to film. A final proof will then be prepared, and the publishers will check it carefully. Final changes (if necessary) will be made, and the book will then be printed and delivered.

7. After receiving delivery, you will send to Fields Publishing Inc. (within 7 days) the final check (made out the final 25 percent of the total cost as specified in the publishing agreement.


1. Secure official approval from the sponsoring organization (church, convention, college, etc.) prior both to budgeting for your book and to preparing and publishing a manuscript, especially if that organization will help pay for the project.

2. Plan ahead:

a. Prepare a research, writing, editing, and publishing schedule.

b. Allow two to four years to complete research and writing.

c. Schedule time to edit the manuscript and make changes.

d. Give the publishers five to six months to publish a book up to 200 pages long, six to eight months up to 400 pages long. On these schedules, the publishers can easily meet all deadlines.

3. Budget all costs carefully:

a. Include writer's honorarium.

b. Calculate publishing charges.

c. Add promotional and distribution expenses.

4. Select a competent writer.

5. Compensate the writer appropriately.

6. Assist the writer by:

a. Making available all resources useful for research.

b. Engaging in a search for possible photographs and other illustrations.

7. Encourage the writer to include all appropriate facts, interpret the findings, arrange the material in an easi-ly understandable sequence, write simply, and document the story carefully by preparing notes to be placed at the end of the book.

8. Use The Chicago Manual of Style (latest edition) for writing and editing the manuscript (available in most bookstores). This is the publishers' official style manual.

9. Place detailed lists, documents, charts and tables, etc., in appendixes at end of book so as not to clutter the text.

10. Include an index to increase the book's usefulness to its readers.

11. Develop a distribution plan for the printed book.

12. Follow these guidelines for preparing copy and other materials for the publishers:

a. Carefully edit and proof the final copy to be sent to the publishers. Run a spell-check and and correct any spelling errors. Print the final copy on 8 1/2" x 11" paper in double-spaced form using only one side of the paper. Number all pages in the upper right-hand corner.

b. Make certain that the copy sent is the final copy. Major changes during the publishing process will result in additional costs. Arrange the copy in the following order:

(1) Title page

(2) Dedication page

(3) Table of contents page

(4) List of illustrations

(5) List of tables

(6) Foreword (written by someone other than the author)

(7) Preface (written by author or editor)

(8) Acknowledgments (if not part of preface)

(9) Introduction (if not part of text)

(10) List of abbreviations

(11) The text

(12) Appendixes

(13) Endnotes

(14) Glossary

(15) Bibliography

(16) List of contributors

(17) Index (this should be prepared only after all changes have been made in the final page proofs.)

(18) A page titled "About the Author"

Most books will not need all of these elements; use only those that apply.

c. Before sending the computer disk and a printed copy of the text to the publishers, keep a backup copy of the disk and print out an additional copy in case your package is lost in the mail. Wrap the materials carefully, and either mail them to the BHHS or use a traceable shipping service such as UPS or Federal Express.



Phone 615-371-7938 or 800-966-2278
Fax 615-371-7939

P.O. Box 728, Brentwood, TN 37024-0728


The Baptist History and Heritage Society is housed in the Baptist Center of the Tennessee Baptist Convention in Brentwood, Tennessee. The BH&HS's mission statement reads:   "Helping Baptists discover, conserve, assess, and share their history." Executive Director Charles W. Deweese served as Director of Baptist Publishing, Providence House Publishers, Franklin, Tennessee, in 1995-98. He worked on the staff of the Historical Commission, Southern Baptist Convention, from 1973-94, serving as Assistant Executive Director in 1990-94, where he supervised publishing operations.


Phone 615-662-1344
Fax 615-662-1396

917 Harpeth Valley Place, Nashville, TN 37221-1141


Fields Publishing Inc. is a Nashville, Tennessee-based corporation owned and operated by Tim Fields. Recipient of numerous awards in Baptist communications and publishing, he serves simultaneously as Director of Communications for the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges and Schools (ASBCS) and as Managing Editor of The Southern Baptist Educator. He served as Interim Executive Director, ASBCS, from 1996-97 and as Assistant Director, Education Commission, Southern Baptist Convention, 1987-96.

Call 800-966-2278 to publish your book or to secure more information.