Portraits of Courage: Stories of Baptist Heroes (Julie Whidden Long)

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Jointly published with Mercer University Press, Portraits of Courage is the story of fourteen Baptist heroes and is written for first-time readers of Baptist History and for Youth. In this one-of-a-kind book, Long writes with lively prose about Baptist individuals who led outstanding Christian lives.

Heroes in this book include John Smyth, John Clarke, Ann Hasseltine Judson, Jesse Mercer, Lottie Moon, William Knibb, Louise (Lulu) Fleming, Walter Rauschenbusch, Martin Luther King, Jr., Addie Davis, Jimmy Carter, Leena Lavanya, Theo Angelov, and Olu Menjay.

“While some names are more familiar than others, each has left an enduring legacy. Special features of the book: —A timeline of events covering 400 years of Baptist life in several countries —An introduction that defines a Baptist hero —Dozens of illustrations and sidebars for terminology and other additional information This book is written with youth in mind, but any who spend time with it will learn much about those who made a difference in the world while serving God through Baptist life.”

This book may be ordered from Mercer University Press.