Seminary in Crisis, by William E. Hull

Published by the Baptist History & Heritage Society, this volume is available from Samford University. Email for more information.
Seminary in Crisis: The Strategic Response of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to the SBC Controversy, written by William E. Hull and published in 2010 by the Baptist History & Heritage Society, is an inside analysis of the crisis that gripped SBTS during the second half of the 20th century.

Seminary presidents Duke K. McCall and Roy L. Honeycutt, Jr., are Hull’s subjects as he examines how the flagship theological institution of Southern Baptists responded to opposition from increasingly organized, inerrantist efforts to transform the educational institution.

“A brilliant analysis of radically contrasting approaches to the crisis into which the inerrantist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention plunged Southern Seminary.” – Glenn Hinson, former David T. Porter Professor of Church History at Southern Seminary; current Senior Professor of Church History and Spirituality at Baptist Seminary in Kentucky

“William E. Hull demonstrates again his exceptional scholarly and practical skills in this case study comparing the leadership skills of the two presidents of Southern Seminary, Duke K. McCall and Roly L. Honeycutt, Jr., during the years of the SBC controversies, 1968-93.” – Larry L. McSwain, McAfee School of Theology, Atlanta, Georgia