The Story of Baptists in the United States (Pamela R. and Keith E. Durso)

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Containing more than 160 photos and illustrations, this book presents the story of Baptists in a creative format, style, and readability. It provides keen insights into well-known and lesser-known Baptist men and women, and it gives attention to groups sometimes overlooked in general studies of Baptists: women, blacks, ethnic minorities, and small Baptist denominations.

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“This very readable and engaging history of Baptists is a valuable resource for informing Baptists in the pew and pulpit of their rich heritage.” Carolyn D. Blevins, Associate Professor of Religion, Carson-Newman College

“This book from Keith and Pam Durso for students, laity, and clergy is a highly readable, remarkably insightful, and much needed chronological survey of the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.” Walter B. Shurden Executive Director, The Center for Baptist Studies at Mercer University