Thy Will Be Done: A Biography of George W. Truett (Keith E. Durso)

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Written by Keith E. Durso, author from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Thy Will Be Done is a biography of George W. Truett, one of the outstanding Baptist preachers of the twentieth century. Jointly published by the Baptist History and Heritage Society and Mercer University Press, this book tells the story of Truett’s childhood in North Carolina, his time at Baylor University, his pastorate at First Baptist, Dallas Texas, and his “great journey” and preaching excursions around the world. Durso also focuses on the lasting contributions of Truett, especially in the areas of religious liberty and, less well-known, his understanding of stewardship.

A review of Thy Will be Done is found on page 28 of the Winter 2010 issue of Christian Ethics Today.