Conferences & Events


2020    Birmingham, Alabama

Dates:  May 28-29

Hosted by: Samford University

Theme: Baptists and Public Advocacy

Call for Papers:

The Society is now accepting paper proposals of 500 words or less for the conference.  While proposals may be on any topic related to Baptist history, paper presentations related to the conference theme are particularly welcomed. Specifically, we are interested in ways Baptists have advocated for the common good in the areas of civil rights, education, prison and justice reform, child welfare, healthcare, clergy sexual abuse, immigration, payday lending, as well as other issues.
BHHS members and non-members alike may submit proposals, but those selected to present papers at the conference are expected to join as members of the Society.
Proposals for themed sessions are also welcomed. A themed session should consist of two to three paper presentations on a unified theme and a suggested moderator. Proposals for creative sessions that are not traditional paper presentations are also encouraged. All papers will be scheduled within a 30 minute time period, including discussion.
Proposals for individual papers, themed paper sessions, panel discussions, and creative sessions will be accepted until January 15, 2020. All proposals will be accepted or denied by March 1, 2020.
Proposals must be submitted by email to the Society’s executive director:
Dr. John M. Finley


Purpose and History of Annual Conferences


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1999        Baptist Theological Education (Liberty, MO)

1998        Texas Baptists and the Southern Baptist Convention (Dallas, TX)

1997        Baptists and the Civil War (Richmond, VA)

1996        Two Ways To Be Baptist: J. Frank Norris and George W. Truett (Nashville, TN)

1995        The Spirit of Southern Baptists, 1845-1995 (Augusta, GA)

1994         Ministries of Baptist Laypeople (Memphis, TN)

1993        Baptists and the News Media (Nashville, TN)

1992        World Missions: Two Centuries of Baptist Achievement (Birmingham, AL)

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1990        Southern Baptists and Relationships with Other Denominations (Nashville, TN)

1989        Baptists in America: 175 Years of National Organization (Nashville, TN)

1988        Ordination in Baptist Heritage (Nashville, TN)

1987        Women in Southern Baptist History (Birmingham, AL)

1986        Baptist Church Music Heritage (Nashville, TN)

1985        Baptists and the History of Church-State Relationships (Nashville, TN)

1984        The Role of the Bible in Baptist History (Nashville, TN)

1983        Ethnic Southern Baptist Heritage (Nashville, TN)

1982        Southern Baptists Nationwide (Charleston, SC)

1981        Black Southern Baptist Heritage (Nashville, TN)

1980        Southern Baptist Theologians (Louisville, KY)

1979        Baptist Polity: A Look at Church Order (Nashville, TN)

1978        The Heritage of Baptist Thought (Fort Worth, TX)

1977        Communicating Baptist History Through Contemporary Media and Art Forms  (Nashville, TN)

1976        Baptists and the Struggle for Religious Liberty in Early America (Richmond, VA)

1975        Our Denominational Heritage and the Present: The Role of Baptist Oral History (Nashville, TN)

1974        Baptists and the Bicentennial (Nashville, TN)

1973        Our Denominational Heritage and the Present: The Role of the State Baptist Historical Society (Birmingham, AL)

1972        Baptists and Social Revolution (Nashville, TN)

1971        Libraries: Archives and Indexing (Nashville, TN)

1970        125 Years of Southern Baptist Convention History (Nashville, TN)

1969        Writing Baptist History (Nashville, TN)