Breakout Sessions: Richmond 2013

All Breakout Sessions are Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Location: University of Richmond — room locations TBA

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9:00-9:45 AM

Session A – Glenn Jonas, Campbell University (Moderator)
Booker Hall Room 217

A Christian Gentleman Goes to War: The Life of 2nd Lieutenant Thomas James Howell – James Scythes (West Chester University)

The mentee becomes the mentor, the contrary, warm friendship of Rev. Nathaniel Colver and Dr. W.T. Brantley – Deborah Maund (Fuller Theological Seminary)


Session B – Jerry Faught, Wiley College (Moderator)
Keller Hall Reception Room

Justice after Appomattox and Assassination: The Abraham Lincoln Eulogies and the Meaning of a Just Peace. – D. H. Dilbeck (University of Virginia)

The Judgments of the Lord: Lincoln’s God, Willie’s Death, and the Roots of Forgiveness – Brian Carso (Misericordia University)


Session C – Alan Lefever, Texas Baptist Historical Collection (Moderator)
Emily Gardner Lecture Room

“Banish these felons thither!”: Blue and Gray Sermons during the Civil War and Early Aftermath – Bob Mathisen (Corban University)

Southern Spirits: Honor, Religion, and Alcohol in the Civil War Era South – James Hill Welborn, III (University of Georgia)


Session D – Bonnie Oliver Brandon, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Tennessee (Moderator)
North Court Reception Room

Religion and the Civil War: Baptist Ministers and Colporteurs in Virginia Military Camps – Sally Hannah (Virginia)

Freedom During the American Civil War: The African Baptist Experience in Union-Occupied South Carolina – Bruce Gourley (Baptist History & Heritage Society)


Session E – Naomi Taplin, Texas Baptist Historical Collection (Moderator)
North Court Classroom 103

Hymns during the Civil War: A Comparative Study of the Hymns Sung by Union and Confederate Troops – C. Edward Spann (Dallas Baptist University)

The Role of Hymnody in the Daily Life of the Civil War Soldier – Charles T. Priest (Bluefield College)


10:00-10:45 AM

Session F – Gary Burton, Pintlala Baptist Church, Alabama (Moderator)
North Court Classroom 103

Rebellion, Reconciliation, and Religious Liberty: East Tennessee Baptists and the Civil War – Andrew Smith (Carson Newman, Tennessee)

Images from the Caves: Childhood Reflections of Faith and Life during the Siege of Vicksburg – Tommy Sanders (Dallas Baptist University)


Session G – Carol Holcomb, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Moderator)
Keller Hall Reception Room

“God’s Providence seems to have been showing forth from all quarters”: George Cheever, Matthew Simpson, and the Ministerial Pursuit of Emancipation – David Thomson (University of Georgia)

Mapping the End of Slavery with Visualizing Emancipation – Scott Nesbit (University of Richmond)


Session H – Lloyd Harsch, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (Moderator)
Booker Hall Room 217

“A Church of Our Own” : Grassroots Patterns in Emancipation and Separation  of White and Black Believers  in Alabama and Mississippi during the Civil War and Reconstruction – Harriet E Amos Doss (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Debating Domestic Slavery: The Wayland-Fuller Correspondence in Context – Nathan Finn (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)


Session J – Liz Wells, Samford University (Moderator)
North Court Reception Room

Isaac Taylor Tichenor’s “Fast Day Sermon”: Laying the Foundations for a Postwar Blend of Old South Myth and New South Advocacy – Mike Williams (Dallas Baptist University)

The Impact of the Sons and Daughters of Slaves from the South on the Romanian Churches During the Communist Era, 1950-2000 — George Hancock-Stefan (Eastern University)


Panel Discussion I – Researching Baptists and the Civil War
Emily Gardner Lecture Room

Taffey Hall (archivist, Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives)

Bruce Gourley (executive director, Baptist History & Heritage Society)


11:00-11:45 AM

Session K – Doug Weaver, Baylor University (Moderator)
Keller Hall Reception Room

Against Totality: Theological Plurality and Racial Reconciliation – John Franke (Yellowstone Theological Institute)

“We Shall Overcome”: The Sustaining Role of Religious Music in the Civil Rights Movement – Courtney Lyons (Baylor University)


Session L – Bill Pitts, Baylor University (Moderator)
Emily Gardner Lecture Room

“Northern Fingers Have Played Our Pianos”:  Baptists and Reconciliation in Postwar North Carolina, 1865-1877 – Chris Moore (Baylor University)

Religion and Racial Reconciliation: The Aftermath of the American Civil War/Emancipation and Its Effect on Race and Religion-Then and Now – Bonnie Oliver Brandon (Mount Zion Baptist Church, Tennessee)


Session M – Bill Sumners, Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives (Moderator)
North Court Reception Room

Mary Todd Lincoln and the Main Street Baptist Church of Lexington, Kentucky, in 1862: Radical Partners in Politics, Faith, and Racial Uplift – Amos Jones (Campbell University)

American Autochthons: The American Dream and Christianity as Rivals in the Quest for Racial Reconciliation – Geoff Davidson (Baylor University)


Session N – Pam Durso, Baptist Women in Ministry (Moderator)
North Court Classroom 2o2

Revealing Demoralization and Promoting Demilitarization: The Civil War in Nonresistant Memory, 1865-1915 – Aaron Duane Jerviss (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Civil Religion and Civil Rights:  The Baptist Response to Brown v. Board of Education and Virginia’s Civil Rights Movement – Joshua Wilson (Old Dominion University)


Session O – Mike Williams, Dallas Baptist University (Moderator)
North Court Classroom 103

Religion and the Civil Rights Movement — Andrew Manis (Middle Georgia State College)