Breakout Sessions: Sioux Falls 2014


All Breakout Sessions are Thursday, June 5, 2014

Location: Sioux Falls Seminary — room locations TBA

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8:15-9:25 AM

Session A – Asian Baptists
Moderator: Robert Phillips (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)
Location TBA

“Korean-Chinese Baptist Work Along the Border of China and North Korea”
Tim Young (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)

“Becoming a Baptist, Staying Burmese:  Christian Expressions of Early Burmese Converts”
Lloyd Allen (McAfee School of Theology)

“A Church Stands With Its People:  Documenting American Baptist Ministry in World War II Internment Camps”
Jan Ballard (American Baptist Historical Society)


Session B – Mexican American and Hispanic Baptists
Moderator: Naomi Taplin
(Texas Baptist Historical Collection)
Location TBA

“The Problem of Predatory Lending: Texas Baptists and Usury”
Aaron Weaver (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)

“Questioning the Early History of Mexican-American Baptists in Texas: The Racial Fluidity Differences”
João Paulo Bezerra Chaves (Baylor University)

“Documenting Mexican-American and Hispanic Baptists”
Alan Lefever (Texas Baptist Historical Collection)


Session C – European and Russian Baptists
Moderator: Gary Burton
(Pintlala Baptist Church, Alabama)
Location TBA

“Speaking ‘Baptist’ with an Accent: An Historical Overview of European Foreign Language Baptist Congregations and Conferences in America”
Lloyd Harsch (New Orleans Theological Seminary)

“From Russian Baptists with Love:  The Keston Center and Other Resources”
Kathy Hillman (Baylor University)

“The Artist Preacher: F.W. Myer”
Philip Thompson (Sioux Falls Seminary)


9:40-10:50 AM

Session D – Smaller Baptist Groups
Moderator: Ron Tonks
(Middle Tennessee State University)
Location TBA

“Independent Baptists: In the Fold, Yet on the Fringe”
Paige Chargois (Sharon Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia)

“An Exploration of Foot Washing Within the Original Free Will Baptist Community”
Jonathan Best (St. Thomas University)

“Documenting Seventh Day Baptists”
Nicholas Kersten (Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society)


Session E – Primitive Baptists
Moderator: Andrew Smith
(Carson-Newman College)
Location TBA

“Exploring the Eschatology and Historiography of the Primitive Baptists”
Michael Dain (Wayland Baptist University)

“The Primitive Baptist Universalists of Southwest Virginia and West Virginia”
Sally Hannah (Virginia)

“Documenting Primitive Baptists”
Laura Botts (Mercer University)

“Carlton Watson Todd and a Footnote”
Jerry Windsor (Florida Baptist Historical Society)


Session F – Little Known Baptists
Moderator: Ruth Pitts
(Baylor University)
Location TBA

“Uncle Boston, Saloons, Roosters, and Baseball: How Our Churches Today Can Learn from the Chapel Car Ministry”
Debbie Maund (Fuller Theological Seminary)

“The Clarion Call of ‘Other Baptists’: The Gospel and the Inequities and Injustices of Social Order”
Mamie Oliver (Mountain View Community Fellowship Church, Boise, Idaho)

“Documenting the Ministries of Blind and Deaf Baptists: The Jay Waugh and J. W. Michael Papers”
Taffey Hall (Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives)


Session G – Landmark Baptists
Moderator: Mike Williams
(Dallas Baptist University)
Location TBA

“The Role of Higher Education in Landmark Baptist Schisms”
David Erickson (Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary)

“Birthed in Controversy: The Withdrawal of the Baptist Missionary Association from the Baptist General Convention of Texas”
Joe Early (Campbellsville University)


11:05AM -12:15 PM

Session H – Swedish and Northwest Baptists
Moderator: Mike Kuykendall
(Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)
Location TBA

“Spreading American Values and the Gospels: North Dakota Baptists in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era”
Christopher Price (Colby Community College)

“Bernard Ramm’s Scientific Thought to Theology”
Andrew Kim (Baylor University)

“Documenting Swedish Baptists at Bethel University”
Pam Jervis (Bethel University)


Session INative American Baptists, Missions, and More
Moderator: Kent Millwood
(Anderson University)
Location TBA

“Documenting Native American Baptists”
Paul Roberts (Oklahoma Baptist University)

“The Lovegrews: Related as Family, Joined in Missions”
Jennifer Taylor and Elizabeth Wells (Samford University)

“Mining ‘Other’ Information from Baptist Records: Migration and Settlement in the Antebellum South”
Wendy Richter (Ouachita Baptist University)


Session J – The Other ‘Other’ Baptists
Moderator: Delane Tew (Samford University)
Location TBA

“The Personal Diplomacy of Roy Gustafson, Baptist Christian Zionist”
Kenneth Kolander (West Virginia University)

“Bringing Azusa to the Baptists: G. B. Cashwell’s Quest for Unity among Southern Pentecostals, 1906-1909”
Chris Moore (Baylor University)

“Rauschenbusch and Dollinger: Baptists and Catholics as ‘Other'”
Bill Pitts (Baylor University)