1 Baptist History and Heritage Society | Speakers, Presenters, Panelists: BH&HS/ALABI Sioux Falls 2014 Conference

Speakers, Presenters, Panelists: BH&HS/ALABI Sioux Falls 2014 Conference

THEME: Exploring the “Other” Baptists

June 4-6, 2014


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Loyd Allen (Sylvan Hills Baptist Church Professor of Church History and Spiritual Formation, McAfee School of Theology)
Jan Ballard (Archivist, American Baptist Historical Society)
Jonathan Best (Serials Coordinator, Ph.D. student, St. Thomas University)

Laura Botts
(Associate Professor Head of Special Collections, Jack Tarver Library, Mercer University; President, Association of Librarians and Archivists at Baptist Institutions)
Gary Burton
(Pastor, Pintlala Baptist Church, Hope Hull, Alabama)
Paige Lanier Chargois (former pastor, currently speaker and teacher, staff, Sharon Baptist Church, Richmond)
João Paulo Bezerra Chaves (Ph.D. student, Baylor University)
Michael Dain (Professor of Religion, Wayland Baptist University)
Joe Early (Assistant Professor of Theology, Campbellsville University)
David Erickson (Professor Theological-Historical Studies, Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary)

Jerry Faught (Professor of Church History, Wiley College)
Bruce Gourley (Executive Director, Baptist History & Heritage Society)
Lloyd Grant (Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Sioux City, Iowa)
Taffey Hall (Archivist, Southern Baptist Historical Library & Archives)
Sally Hannah (Virginia)
Lloyd Harsch (Professor of Church History, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)
Donald S. Hepburn (Director of Public Relations/Missions Promotion, Florida Baptist Convention)
Kathy Hillman (Librarian, Baylor University)

Warren Hoffman (Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
Jackie Howell (Director, North American Baptist Heritage Commission)
Pam Jervis (Librarian, Bethel University)
Andrew Kim (Ph.D. student, Baylor University)
Mike Kuykendall (Professor of New Testament Studies, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)
Alan Lefever (Director, Texas Baptist Historical Collection)
Bill Leonard (Director, James and Marilyn Dunn Professor of Baptist Studies and Professor of Church History, Wake Forest University)
Courtney Lyons (Ph. D. Candidate, Baylor University)
Jesse Moore (Retired, Southern Baptist minister, South Dakota)
Nicholas Kersten (Librarian-Historian, Seventh Day Baptist Historical Society)
Kenneth Kolander (Ph.D. student, West Virginia University)

Deborah Maund (Graduate Student, Fuller Theological Seminary)
Kent Millwood (Library Director, Anderson University)
Chris Moore (Ph. D. student,
Mamie Oliver (Pastor, Mountain View Community Fellowship Church, Boise, Idaho)
Robert Phillips (Director of Library Services, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)
Ruth Pitts (Music Instructor, McLennan Community College)

William L. Pitts, Jr. (Professor of Religion, Baylor University; vice-president, Baptist History & Heritage Society)
Christopher Price (Professor of History, Colby Community College)
David Priestley (Canadian Baptist historian and author)
Wendy Richter (Archivist, Ouachita Baptist University)
Paul Roberts (Dean of Library Services, Oklahoma Baptist University)

Henry Scere (Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
John Siewert (Author, formerly with World Vision International)
Andrew Smith (Assistant Professor of Religion, Carson Newman, Tennessee)
Pamela Smoot (Professor of African American Studies, Southern Illinois University)
Naomi Taplin (Associate Director, Texas Baptist Historical Collection)
Jennifer Taylor (Archivist, Alabama Baptist Historical Collection, Samford University)
Delane Tew (Director of Christian Women’s Leadership Center, Samford University; president, Baptist History & Heritage Society)
Philip Thompson (Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Heritage, Sioux Falls Seminary)
Ron Tonks (Professor of History, Middle Tennessee State University)
Albert W. Wardin, Jr. (Retired Executive Director, Baptist History and Heritage Society)
Aaron Weaver (Communications Manager, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)
Douglas C. Weaver (Professor of Religion and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Religion, Baylor University)
Elizabeth Wells (Retired, Alabama Baptist Historical Collection, Samford University)
Dwayne Williams (American Baptist Convention minister)
Mike Williams (Professor of History, Dallas Baptist University)
Yisela Williams (American Baptist Convention minister)
Jerry Windsor (Secretary-Treasurer, Florida Baptist Historical Society)