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Adopt a Congregation

The study of Baptist history, heritage and identity is no longer commonplace in many Baptist congregations. Although the BH&HS provides a wide range of printed resources targeted at local churches, our budget is not sufficient for reaching all of the perhaps 100,000 Baptist congregations in the United States (much less the many more tens of thousands worldwide).

You can help by adopting a congregation in the United States. A designated gift of $100 will provide a bundle of printed resources (books, booklets and brochures) retailing for approximately $200 for the church of your choice. (Should you have no preference, the Society will select a congregation on your behalf.) The resources provided will be suitable for small group studies and individual use in learning, valuing and teaching Baptist heritage and identity.

A gift of $500 will provide resources for 5 congregations; a gift of $1000 will provide resources for 10 congregations; a gift of $5000 will provide resources for 50 congregations, and so forth.

You can make a difference in the life of a church by adopting a congregation today.

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