FBH – Minutes 2010, Georgetown, Kentucky

FBH – Minutes 2010, Georgetown, Kentucky
Fellowship of Baptist Historians
June 3, 2010
Georgetown Baptist Church

Fellowship President Stephen Stookey called the meeting to order. Following an introduction, Dr. Dwight Moody presented a paper on “J. Frank Norris.” After a time for questions and discussion, Georgetown Baptist Church provided a sumptuous meal for Fellowship members.

After the evening meal, President Stookey called the business meeting to order.

Sheila Klopfer prayed and welcomed the Fellowship to Georgetown Baptist Church.

The Minutes of the 2009 meeting were read and accepted.

Afterwards, new nominees were presented for membership: Glenn Jonas, Delane Tew, Michael Summers, Tracy Dobbins, and Dwight Moody. All were accepted as members.

The election of officers took place next. All three officers were confirmed for a second year:

Stephen Stookey (Dallas Baptist University) – President
Lydia Hoyle (Campbell University) – Vice- President
Bruce Gourley (Baptist History & Heritage Society) – Secretary

President Stephen Stookey called upon Mike Williams to read a Resolution of Appreciation to Georgetown Baptist Church and Georgetown College for hosting the Fellowship meeting. Resolution was approved by vote.

President Stookey voiced his hope that the Fellowship will be able to appeal more to students in the future.

Meeting adjourned with prayer.