BH&H Journal: List of Past Articles / Authors

Following is a list of articles in Baptist History & Heritage from 1994 through 2019.

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Note: Some issues are no longer available and are identified as “No Longer In Print.” Out-of-print issues may be found in the libraries of many Baptist colleges, universities, and seminaries.

“Baptist Leaders of the 19th and 20th Centuries” – Fall 2019 Vol 54, No. 3

 Regular Features

Joe Coker: Editor’s Note


From Publishing to the Pulpit: The Life and Ministry of Isaac Taylor Hinton by Lloyd A. Harsch

“Go West Young Man”: Edwin Charles Dargan’s Abbreviated Mission to the Baptists of California, 1887-1888 by John M. Finley

The Bible in the Baptist Pulpit: The Use of Scripture by B.H. Carroll, E.C. Morris, and W.B. Johnson from 1890 to 1905 by Andrew Ronnevik

Due to Liberal Views: The Dismissals of North Carolina Baptist Campus Leaders in 1954 by James W. Trent Jr.

Senator Robert C. Byrd and the 1964 Civil Rights Debate by Christopher Price

Baptist Preaching Giant, John Claypool: A Theology of Ministry in Process by Doug Weaver


“Baptist Engagement with Social Justice and Those on the Margins” – Summer 2019 Vol 54, No. 2

Regular Features

John M. Finley: Executive Director’s Note

Joe Coker: Editor’s Note


The Role, Place, and Purpose of Southern Baptist Women, 1979-1987 by Joseph E. Early Jr.

“A Voice Crying in the Wilderness”: Joseph Martin Dawson’s Quest for Social Justice by Bill Pitts

Two Roads Diverged: The Civil Rights Movement Comes to FBC Raleigh by Glenn Jonas

Imaginary Indians: Baptist Laypeople and Indian Reform  by Daniel W. Williams

Baptist Mission Work among Hispanics in the United States, 1837-1989 by Twyla K. Hernandez

Expanding the Fear of the Mongrel: Baptist Missions in Latin America and Transnational Racist Cross-Pollination by Joao Chaves

“Baptist Practices: Church-State Relations, Civil Rights, Associations, and Missions” – Spring 2019 Vol 54, No. 1

 Regular Features

John Finley: Executive Director’s Note

Bill Pitts: Editor’s Note 


John Murton’s Argument for Religious Tolerance: A General Baptist’s Use of Non-Biblical Sources and Its Significance by Joe L. Coker

Baptists and the Johnson Amendment by J. David Holcomb

Against the World: The Doctrine of Separation Within the Political Context of the Origins of Swiss Anabaptism by Daniel P. Rhodes

Baptist Confessionalism: Unity and Diversity Among Baptist Associations in the Southern States During the Nineteenth Century by Peter Frank Lumpkins and Jerry Pillay

Hazel Brannon Smith (1914-1994): A Mississippi Baptist Journalist Without Honor in Holmes County, Mississippi by Charles Dollar

Susan E. Jones de Arevalo and Luz Heath Barrios: Pioneer Baptist Missionaries in Mexico in the Twentieth Century by Rubi Elizabeth Barocio Castells

Faye Pearson (1940-2019): Mission Leader, Continuing a Legacy by Ron West

“Discovering Fresh Sources and Insights in Baptist History” – Fall 2018 Vol 53, No. 3

 Regular Features

Bill Pitts: Editor’s Note


“Then shall be their day”: The Eschatology of the General Baptist Standard Confession of 1660 by David Lytle

“I was on the point of death” – and a Questions of Carey’s Affairs of the Heart by Elizabeth A. Dixon and Larry J. Kreitzer

Spurgeon’s Resignation from the British Baptist Union: A Microhistory of First Responders by Joel Gregory

“Dear Brother Graves”: Expert Advice to Local Congregations in the Old South by Scott M. Stephen

Walter Rauschenbusch: A Centennial Legacy by Bill Pitts

The Place of Southern Baptist Women in the Church, Home, and Society, 1950-1979 by Joe Early Jr.

“Baptist Women in the Twentieth Century” – Summer 2018 Vol 53, No. 2

Regular Features

John Finley: Executive Director’s Note

Bill Pitts: Editor’s Note


A Winding and Widening Path: American Women’s Roles in Twentieth-Century Baptist Life by Melody Maxwell

Why Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Women Preachers Are Here to Stay: A Little Side-eye to John R. Rice and Others of His Ilk by Molly T. Marshall

Remembering Addie: Baptist Ordination Pioneer and the Influence of Feminism on Her Ministry Journey by Pamela R. Durso

From Promise to Pulpit: Contributions of Feminist Theory and Feminist Theology by Judith Bledsoe Bailey

Beth Hayworth Echols: A Heart for the World by Jennifer Hawks

Many Voices: The Complexity of Baptist Women’s History by Mandy McMichael

“A Festschrift in Honor of E. Glenn Hinson” – Spring 2018 Vol 53, No. 1

Regular Features

John Finley: Executive Director’s Note

Bill Pitts: Editor’s Note

Loyd Allen: Festschrift Editor’s Note


Baptist Spirituality as I Have Known It for 60 Years by Walter B. Shurden

Sex, Class, and Religious Freedom: Daniel Featley vs. the Early Baptists by Bill J. Leonard

The Holy Well: Place of Presences and Presence of Place by Linda McKinnish Bridges

Light to Darkness: From Gnosis to Agape in the Apophatic Imagery of Gregory of Nyssa by Gary R. Poe

Contemplation in a World of Action: Thomas Merton, Douglas Steere, E. Glenn Hinson, and the Academy for Spiritual Formation by Johnny Sears

Bibliography compiled by Glenn Hinson


“Baptists and the Protestant Reformation” – Fall 2017 Vol 52, No. 3

Regular Features

Bill Pitts: Editor’s Note


How Baptists Understand Their Reformation Legacy: Representative Views from the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries by Doug Weaver

The Spiritual Kinship Theory of Baptist Origins by Glenn Jonas

Rauschenbusch and the Reformation by Bill Pitts

Jot and Tittle: The Important Distinctions Among the Westminster, Savoy, and Second London Confessions by Malcolm Foley

Turning Points in Baptist Church Music by David W. Music

When Southern Baptists Were Ecumenical: 1899-1919 by Ray Wilkins

A Reformation Bibliography by Bill Pitts

“Baptist Narratives: Perspectives and Convictions” – Summer 2017 Vol 52, No. 2

Regular Features

Bill Pitts: Editor’s Note

John M. Finley: Executive Director’s Note


“We must go out of this Union”: The Two Secessions of Basil Manly Sr. by Mandy E. McMichael

The Forgotten Origins of the Southern Baptists Convention’s Near East Mission: W. A. Hamlett’s Month in the Holy Land by Walker Robins

“The Serious Nature of the Division”: Calvary Baptist Church of Des Moines and the Fundamentalist Challenge of the 1920s by Bill R. Douglas

Bernard Ramm: An Exemplar of the Development of a Neo-evangelical-Baptist Identity within the American Baptist Convention by Andrew Kim

“Peculiar Feelings” and the Life of Henrietta Hall Shuck by Andrew Gardner

Searching for Truth in a Post-Truth World: The Southern Baptist Schism as Case Study in the Power Narrative for the Construction of Truth by Adam McDuffie

Spring 2017 Vol 52, No. 1


Albert Wardin Jr: Baptist Historian for All Seasons by Ronald Tonks

Land of Promise: The First Fifty Years of Baptists in the Pacific Northwest by Michael Kuykendall

Reflections on the East German Revolution of 1989 by Richard V. Pierard

Continental European Baptists in the Twentieth Century by Albert W. Wardin

Albert W. Wardin Jr: A Selected Bibliography by Bill Sumners

Fall 2016 Vol 51, No. 3


The Beast of England: Apocalypticism in Seventeenth-Century General Baptist Literature by David Lytle

“Give Due Prominence to Spirituality Above All Outward Ceremony”: Analyzing the Ecclesiology of J. L. Dagg by David A. Erikson

Nurturing the Vision: First Baptist Church Raleigh, 1812-2012 by Glenn Jonas

A Journey of Faith and Community: The Story of the First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia by Bruce T. Gourley

Significant Influences of Baptists on Politics in America by Welton C. Gaddy

“Perspectives in Baptist History and Identity” – Summer 2016 Vol 51, No. 2

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: Perspectives in Baptist History and Identity 


Baptists and Spirit-led Experience by Doug Weaver

Lessons I Have Learned and the Future of Baptist Archives by Bill Sumners

The Quest for a Baptist Bible: The Rise and Demise of the American Bible Union, 1850-1883 by Michael Kuykendall

Fifty Years of Baylor’s Graduate Program in Religion by Bill Pitts

“Cracks in the Solid South”: Southern Baptist Response to the Presidential Campaigns of Governor Alfred E. Smith and Senator John F. Kennedy by Kenneth W. Russell

“A Festschrift in Honor of Carolyn DeArmond Blevins” – Spring 2016 Vol 51, No. 1

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: In Honor and Celebration of Carolyn Blevins

Doug Weaver: Editorial: Carolyn Blevins – Trailblazer

Merrill M. Hawkins Jr: Editorial: In the Tradition of Carolyn Blevins


Carolyn DeArmond Blevins by Kay W. Shurden and Walter B. Shurden Sr

Changing Hands: The Practice of Ordaining Baptist Women by Eileen R. Campbell-Reed

Journey to Ordination: Addie Davis and Watts Street Baptist Church by Pamela R. Durso

“A Home Without Walls”: WMU and the Reinterpretation of Gender Ideology by Carol Crawford Holcomb

Tennessee Women: Ministering to the Cities by Delane Tew

A “True Baptist” Theology of Women in Ministry by Elizabeth Flowers

Women and the Baptist Experience by Carolyn DeArmond Blevins

Carolyn DeArmond Blevins: A Selected Bibliography by Merrill M. Hawkins Jr.

“Baptist Identities in the United States: East, West, North, and South” – Fall 2015 Vol 50, No. 3

 Regular Features

Bruce Gourley: Editorial: Baptist Identities


“Ye Are Called Unto Liberty”: Revolution, Religious Freedom, and Massachusetts Bay by Joshua Shepherd

Spreading American Values and the Gospel: North Dakota Baptists, 1881 to the Great War by Chris Price

Black Missionary Baptist Ministers and the Burden of the Great Commission by Hang Zou and Warren C. Hope

C.T. Vivian: Baptist Champion of Civil Rights by Wesley Carter

“With Their Own People”: Mexican-American, African-American and Anglo Baptists in Texas, 1900-1965 by David J. Cameron

“The Pursuit of Justice: Baptist Activists of the 20th Century” – Summer 2015 Vol 50, No. 2

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: The Sea of Social Justice


Seeking Justice through Novel Writing and Book Publishing: Sutton Grigg’s Commitment to Literature and Battles in Print by John Gruesser

“A High-Class Christian Gentleman”: Tennessee Governor Ben W. Hooper and Progressive Era Reforms by Merrill Hawkins Jr

Justice: Walter Rauschenbusch’s Contribution to Baptist Identity by Bill Pitts

White Mississippi Baptist Ministers Who Helped Crack the Walls of the “Closed Society,” 1954-1974 by Charles M. Dollar

A Flea Against Injustice: The Social Christianity of Marian Wright Edelman by Jerry L. Faught II

“A Festschrift in Honor of Walter B. Shurden, Sr.” – Spring 2015 Vol 50, No. 1

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: Celebrating the Life and Work of Buddy Shurden

Doug Weaver: A Tribute to Buddy Shurden


Walter B. Shurden, Sr. — A Timeline
Doug Weaver

The Teaching Ministry of Walter B. Shurden, Sr.
John M. Finley

A Tribute to Buddy Shurden
R. Kirby Godsey

The Church and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Fisher Humphreys

The Center for Baptist Studies of Mercer University: The Capstone of Buddy Shurden’s Career
Bruce T. Gourley

Soup and Salad with a Side of Wisdom
John D. Pierce

John Bunyan as Spiritual Guide
E. Glenn Hinson

Tender Hearts, Tough Minds, Trained Hands
Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

A Decade of Promise
Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

Baptist Pavement, Baptist Potholes, and a P.S. Concerning Baptist Freedom
Walter B. Shurden, Sr.

Walter B. Shurden, Sr. — Bibliography
Julie Whidden Long and Chris Moore

Baptists on the Margins: Minorities, Borders, and Controversies
Fall 2014 Vol 49, No. 3

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: Diversity and Justice

Doug Weaver: Editorial: Baptists on the Margins: Minorities, Borders and Controversies


“That These Glorious Results Will at Some Day Be Realized”: An Examination of the Rhetoric of Self-Help, Respectability, and Social Uplift in the Early Works of E. C. Morris
Scott C. Ryan

Where Shall We Go Next?: A Call for the Critical Investigation of Possible Racial Encounters Between Anglo-America and Mexican-American Baptists in Texas During the Pioneer Period
Joao Paulo Bezerra Chaves

Suffering for Their Consciences: The Depiction of Anabaptists and Baptists in the Eighteenth-century Histories of Daniel Neal
Bracy V. Hill II

Baptist Missionary Activities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Rev. Abel Bingham
James Seelye

Historical Criticism Among Southern Baptists: A Comparison of Clyde Fransisco, Ralph Elliott, and G. Henton Davies
Nicholas R. Werse

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: H. Boyce Taylor, Faith Missions, and the Relationship Between Landmarkism and Fundamentalism in Southern Baptist Life
Andrew Smith

Exploring the “Other” Baptists
Summer 2014 Vol 49, No. 2

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: The “Other” in the Baptist Experience

Doug Weaver: Editorial: Did You Know?

Taffey Hall: Guest Editorial: Reflections on the ALABI/BH&HS Conference


The Other Baptists
Albert Wardin, Jr.

Re-birth Pangs, Conflicting Conversion Morphologies in Baptist Believers’ Churches
Bill J. Leonard

Rauschenbusch and Dollinger as “Other”: Historians and the Protestant-Catholic Divide
Bill Pitts

The Birth and Growth of the Baptist Missionary Association of America
Joe Early, Jr.

Baptists and the Indians of North America, 1674-1845
Robert G. Gardner

A Festschrift in Honor of Bill Pitts
Spring 2014 Vol 49, No. 1

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: Drs. Bill and Ruth Pitts, a Model Husband-Wife Team

Doug Weaver: Editorial: Dr. Bill Pitts and Students — An Enduring Legacy

John Inscore Essick: Guest Editorial: Celebrating the Life and Work of Bill Pitts


The Awe and Wonder of Our Time: Bill Pitts (1937-present)
W. Glenn Jonas

Baptizing Wyclif: A Medieval Ancestor in the Baptist History of Thomas Crosby
Bracy V. Hill, II

Worship Wars: John Smyth and the Apostolic Model of Spiritual Worship
J. Kristian Pratt

She-Preachers, Sisters, and Messengers from the Lord: British Baptist Women, 1609-1700
Pamela R. Durso

The Women of Fenstanton: Respectability and Moral Agency Seventh-Century English Baptists
Rosalie Beck

Assumptions of Conclusions: The Treatment of Early General Baptist Doctrinal Conflict by Selected Surveys of Baptist History
Merrill M. Hawkins, Jr.

Bill Pitts: A Selected Bibliography
Courtney Lyons

Modern Baptists in Thought and Action
Fall 2013 Vol 48, No. 3

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: Baptist Anniversaries

Bill Pitts: Editorial: Essays on Twentieth-Century Baptists


Baptist Theology Since 1950
Fisher Humphreys

A Tale of Two Baptists: Jimmy Carter and Jerry Falwell
J. Brooks Flippen

Northside “Hypocrites” Versus Southside “Racists”: Three Atlanta Southern Baptist Churches Respond to Changes in the Racial Status Quo
Scarlet Jernigan

R. Paul Green, Pioneer Minister of Music
David W. Music

The Impact of the Sons and Daughters of Slaves from the South on the Romanian Churches during the Communist Era, 1950-2000
George Hancock-Stefan

Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness: Religion and the Civil War, Emancipation and Reconciliation in Our Time
Summer 2013 Vol 48, No. 2

Regular Features

Bruce T. Gourley: Editorial: A War That Endures
Fred Anderson: Editorial: Faith, Freedom, and Forgiveness: The Third Component
Doug Weaver:Editorial: A Race Relations Laboratory


The Trials of Robert Ryland
Edward L. Ayers

Wrestling and Reconciling with Race
Andrew M. Manis

Isaac Taylor Tichenor’s “Fast Day Sermon”—Laying the Foundations for a Postwar Blend of Old South Myth and New South Advocacy
Michael E. Williams, Sr.

“Northern Fingers Have Played Our Pianos”—Baptists and Reconciliation in Postwar North Carolina, 1865-1877
Christopher C. Moore

“Calm Yet Earnest Attention”—The Richard Fuller-Francis Wayland Slavery Debate of 1844-45, Baptist Denominational Division, and the Coming of the Civil War
D. H. Dilbeck

Selected Bibliographies:

Religion and the American Civil War (Bruce T. Gourley)
American Reconstruction and Emancipation (Michael Whitt)
Civil Rights Experience (Andrew M. Manis)

A Festschrift in Honor of H. Leon McBeth
Spring 2013 Vol. 48, No. 1

Harry Leon McBeth (1931-present)
Karen O’Dell Bullock

Sifted but Saved: W. W. Melton–Cowboy, Pastor, Denominational Servant, and the Significance of Liberal Arts Education
Michael E. Williams

John Waller: Exemplar and Maverick Among Separate Baptists
Paul L. Gritz

Charitable by Choice: A Biblical View of Faith-Based Initiatives
James T. Spivey

Baptist Beginnings
Leon McBeth

Leon McBeth: A Selected Bibliography
Karen O’Dell Bullock

Identity Within Diversity: Baptists Across Centuries and Continents
Fall 2012 Vol. 47, No. 3

The Making of a Baptist Universalist: The Curious Case of Elhanan Winchester
Nathan A. Finn

William Whitson: Was He or Wasn’t He?
Paul R. Gilliam III

Baptism in the Theology of A. H. Strong
Mael L. D. S. Disseau

Social Justice and American Exceptionalism in the Writings of Southern Baptist Statesman H. Cornell Goerner
Chris Price

John Leland: The Consistent Separationist
Rosalie Beck

Toward a Twentieth-Century Baptist Identity in North America: Insights from the Baptist Congresses, 1881-1913
Craig A. Sherouse

Baptists and Theology
Summer  2012 Vol. 47, No. 2

Conviction and Contradiction: Reassessing Theological Education
Bill J. Leonard

Nurturing the Vision: Highlights from a 2oo-Year-Old Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina
Glenn Jonas

Baptist Theology: Is There Another Way?
Jay Smith

Debating the True Church on the Grounds of Believer’s Baptism: The Ecclesiology of Hanserd Knollys
Bill Pitts

E. Y. Mullins’ Neglected Theological Foundation for Church-State Separation
David M. Stratton

A Festschrift in Honor of Wayne Flynt
Spring 2012 Vol. 47, No. 1

Remembering Dixie’s People: An Interview with Marie Cirillo
Mark R. Wilson

Building a Publishing Empire: The Annie Armstrong Era of WMU, SBC
Carol Crawford Holcomb

The Founding of Four Churches: An Overview of Baptist Beginnings in Montgomery County, Alabama
Gary P. Burton

On the Conservative Side: Woman’s Missionary Union in the Progressive Era
C. Delane Tew

Sowing Seeds of Hope
Mart Gray

Wayne Flynt: A Selected Bibliography
Courtney Lyons

Challenges Within and Without
Fall 2011 Vol. 46, No. 3

James Madison, Persecuted Baptists, and Religious Liberty
David Stratton

Pastor Elias Lyman Magoon, the Education of Blacks, and His 1846 Departure from Second Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia
Craig A. Sherouse

Armistead Thomson Mason Handey: The Unusual Life and Times of a Nineteenth-Century Church Planter and Pastor in Central Alabama
Gary P. Burton

Preparing College Graduates for Mission: The Role of the Student Volunteer Movement in the Calling and Formation of a “Baylor Girl,” 1903-1907
T. Laine Scales and Craig R. Clarkson

“Not In My Backyard” to “Not In Anyone’s Backyard”: Black Baptists, the Black Church, and the Environmental Justice Movement
Aaron Douglas Weaver

Baptists and Education
Summer 2011 Vol. 46, No. 2

The Education Demanded by the People of the United States: Francis Wayland and the Future of American Higher Education
J. Bradley Creed

Not Only for the Preachers: Comparing Women’s and Men’s Theological Education among Southern Baptists during the Seventy-Five Million Campaign
Andrew C. Smith

Reuben Alley: The SBC Conflict and Academic Freedom
Doug Weaver

Dr. Walter and Adelia Hillman: Preserving the Commitment of Mississippi Baptists to Higher Education during the Civil War Era
Jennifer L. Hawks

The Education of Henrietta Mears: A Fundamentalist in Transition
Arlin C. Migliazzo

Baptist Centers: Influences and Education
Loretta Rivers

The Progressive National Baptist Convention, 1961-2011
Spring 2011 Vol. 46, No. 1

“In the Name of Our God and Our Baptist Heritage”: Reflections on History and the Progressive National Baptist Convention
Bill J. Leonard

The Formation of the Progressive National Baptist Convention: Gardner Taylor and the PNBC in Historical Context
Sandy Dwayne Martin

L. V. Booth as the Founder of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.: A Religious Perspective
Clarence G. Newsome

‘Hear the Call’: The Women’s Auxiliary of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.
Pamela A. Smoot

Baptists and Revivalism
Summer/Fall 2010 Vol. 45, No. 3

Salvation and Sawdust: The Rise and Fall of a Baptist Conversion Liturgy
Bill J. Leonard

Being Born Again – And Again, and Again: Conversion, Revivalism, and Baptist Spirituality
Wm. Loyd Allen

The Baptist Influence on Revival Music/The Revival Influence on Baptist Music
David W. Music

The Conversion of J. Frank Norris: A Fresh Look at the Revival of 1910
Dwight A. Moody

From Personal Salvation to Personal Baptism: The Shaping Influence of Evangelical Theology on Baptism
Sheila Klopfer

Faithfulness in the Face of Persecution: Thomas Helwys’ Struggle for a Better World
Lydia Towns

Catching Up on Baptist Stories
Spring 2010 Vol. 45, No. 2

I Am Woman: Southern Baptist Women and Feminism
Susan M. Shaw

Resurgent Calvinism’s Influence among Baptist Ministry Students and Its Implications for Women in Ministry
Dennis J. Horton

Women in Baptist Music Ministry: Taking Another Look
Randall Bradley

James M. Dunn and Soul Freedom: A Baptist Paradigm for Political Engagement in the Public Arena
Aaron Douglas Weaver

The Controversy over Adoniram Judson’s Famous “Change of Sentiments,” 1813-1820
David B. Raymond

Charles Barrett Howard: Preacher, Professor, Philanthropist
Glenn Jonas

Baptists and Baptisms
Winter 2010 Vol. 45, No. 1

The Betwixt and Between: Baptismal Theology of Baptists in Colonial America
Sheila D. Klopfer

Baptist Theological Contributions: An Intentional Faith Community Achieved by Reserving Baptism for Believers and Religious Liberty Achieved by Separation of Church and State
Fisher Humphreys

Shall We Gather at the River: A Photographic Essay of Believer’s Baptism by Immersion
Taffey Hall

Baptism Trends in the Southern Baptist Convention and Baptist General Convention of Texas, 1950-2008
Clay Price

“Planking Down the Cash”: Woman’s Missionary Union’s Support of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919-1945
Melody Maxwell

Nineteenth-Century Baptists and Church Discipline: Case Studies from Georgia
Jim West

Baptist Celebrating 400 Years: Baptist Contributions, 1609-2009
Summer/Fall 2009 Vol. 44, No. 3

Tinkers and Poormen: Baptist and Grassroots Religion, 1609-2009
Carol Crawford Holcomb

Baptist Contributions to American Life
J. Wayne Flynt

The Significance of Local Baptist Church History: The 200th Anniversary of the First Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama
Bruce Gourley

The Contributions of First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Alabama, to its City, State, and Beyond
David W. Hull

The Risk of Majority Faith
C. Douglas Weaver

James E. East, Baptist Missionary: A Family Affair, 1909-1976
Pamela Smoot

Martin, Maston, and Millard: 3 M Baptists and Social Justice
William M. Tillman and W. Andrew Tillman

The Orphanage Microcosm: Shifts in Social, Institutional, and Gender Dynamics at the Turn of the Twentieth Century in Georgia Baptist Orphanages
Alyson Dickson

Baptists Celebrating 400 Years: Recent Developments in Baptist Life
Spring 2009 Vol. 44, No. 2

“In Respect of Christ, the Church Bee One”: The New Baptist Covenant for a New Century
William Lloyd Allen

So Many Books, So Little Time to Read: Baptist Historiography, 1979-2009
Pamela R. Durso and C. Douglas Weaver

Saving Grace: Baptist Archives and Historical Collections in North America
Taffey Hall

Twilight Breaking: The State of Baptist Theological Education in a Global Christian Era and Implications for the Future
Ryan Clark

Of the Baptist Faith
John D. Pierce

All the Sons of Earth: Carlyle Marney and the Fight Against Prejudice
Curtis W. Freeman

Baptists Celebrating 400 Years: Seventeenth-Century Baptists
Winter 2009       Vol. 44 No. 1

“John Smyth’s Request for Mennonite Recognition and Admission: Four Newly Translated Letters, 1610-1612”
Kirsten T. Timmer

“Arguing Regenerate Church Membership: Baptist Identity during Its First Decade, 1610-1620”
Bill Pitts

“John Griffith: Baptist Prisoner of Conscience”
Keith E. Durso

“Hanserd Knollys and Mystical Babylon Unveiled: Contemporary
Perspectives and New Observances on Early English Baptist Apocalypticism”
Emily Hunter McGowin

“The Peculiar Ventures of Particular Baptist Pastor William Kiffin and King Charles II of England”
Ronald Angelo Johnson

“James Robinson Graves: History in the Service of Ecclesiology”
James A. Patterson

Native American Baptists
Spring 2008         Vol. 43 No. 2

“The Burnt Swamp Baptist Association: A Fellowship of Indian Baptist Churches”
Mike Cummings

“Duncan O’Bryant, Pioneer Baptist Missionary to the Western Cherokees”
Robert G. Gardner

“John Davis and Joseph Islands: Indigenous Missionaries among the Creeks in Indian Territory”
Jerry L. Faught, II

“Lee and Susannah Compere”
Sean Flynt

“Baptist Work among Native Americans in the Pacific Nrothwest”
Michael Kuykendall

“Missionary Work among our Indians”
Mrs. C.F. Frazier

“International Baptist Perspectives on Human Rights”
Charles W. Deweese

“’A Man, A Christian . . . and A Gentleman?’: John Day, Southern Baptists, and the Nineteenth-Century Mission to Liberia”
Elizabeth H. Flowers

“The American Civil War of 1861-1865: A Major Challenge to the Survival of Early Baptist Ventures in Nigeria”
S. Ademola Ajayi

“William Wallace Finlator: Activist Prophet”
Glenn Jonas

Baptists and the First Amendment
Summer/Fall 2008           Vol. 43 No. 3

“Baptists and the First Amendment: An Historical Overview”
C. Douglas Weaver

“The Metaphor of the Wall of Separation: Baptists and the First Amendment”
William D. Underwood

“’Til Moss Grows on My Eyebrows!’ Acts 5:17-40”
Courtney Krueger

“The Relevance of Roger Williams”
Bruce Prescott

“A Rock and a Hard Place: Seventh Day Baptists, Religious Liberty, Sabbath-Keeping, and Civil Authority”
Nicholas J. Kersten

“A Millstone Hanged about His Neck?: George W. Truett, Anti-Catholicism, and Baptist Conceptions of Religious Liberty”
J. David Holcomb

“W.A. Criswell: The Wall of Separation of Church and State and Politics”
Joe Early, Jr.

“Old Wine in New Wineskins: The First Amendment and the Internet”
Bruce T. Gourley

“Cracks in the Wall? Changing Attitudes toward the Separation of Church and State among Southern Baptists”
Mark E. Gaskins

E. Y. Mullins and The Axioms of Religion
Winter 2008                       Vol. 43 No. 1

“E. Y. Mullins: ‘A Man of Books and a Man of the People’”
William E. Ellis

“The Baptist Ecclesiology of E. Y. Mullins: Individualism and the New Testament Church”
C. Douglas Weaver

“The Inner Testimony of the Spirit: Locating the Coherent Center of E. Y. Mullins’s Theology”
William Carrell

“E. Y. Mullins on Confessions of Faith”
E. Glenn Hinson

“The Ambiguity of Historical Study: Was Mullins Right or Wrong About Confessions?”
Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants

“E. Y. Mullins on Religious Liberty”
J. Brent Walker

“The Significance of E. Y. Mullins’s The Axioms of Religion
Russell Dilday

“Recruiting for Missions: The Baylor Volunteer Foreign Mission Band, 1900-1906” Bill Pitts

African Americans in Baptist History (No Longer in Print)
Summer/Fall 2007           Vol. 42 No. 3

“Organizing God’s Children: The Denominational Tradition and the Problem of Black Baptist Unity”  Quinton Dixie

“African American Baptist Women: Making A Way Out of No Way”
Pamela A. Smoot

“‘Righteous Discontent’: Mary Virginia Cook Parrish and Black Baptist Women”
Lawrence H. Williams

“‘What a Chasm There Is Between Us’: Charlotte Hawkins Brown and White Protestant Progressives, 1901-1952”
Kendal P. Mobley

“When Baptists Bluff, or Believe”
W. Brent Jones

“Caesar Blackwell (1769-1845): The Work and Times of Central Alabama’s Nineteenth-Century Slave-Evangelist”
Gary Burton

“The Challenges, Responsibilities and Rewards of Preserving the John Jasper Legacy”
Benjamin C. Ross

“L. Venchael Booth: Crusader for Freedom”
William D. Booth

“The Mind, Ministry, and Mysticism Howard Thurman”
Bonnie J. Oliver

“Richard Henry Boyd: Shaper of Black Baptist Identity”
Joe Early, Jr.

“‘How Beautiful are the Feet of Them that Preach the Gospel of Peace’: The Life and Ministry of Nelson Smith, Jr.”
Avis Williams

Baptists and Bible Translations
Spring 2007                Vol. 42, No.2

Toward a Deeper Understanding: Baptists and Bible Translation
Steven M. Sheeley

Beyond Translation: The Work of the Judsons in Burma
Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants

Edgar Johnson Goodspeed: American Moffatt or American Monkey?
Robert O. Byrd

My Father—Charles Bray Williams
Charlotte W. Sprawls

“A ‘Middle-of-the-Road Baptist”:  Helen Barrett Montgomery, Creedalism, and the Defense of Baptist Liberty, 1921-22
Kendal P. Mobley

Of Words and Women: Southern Baptist Publications and the Progress of Women in the 1970s
Susan M. Shaw

Controversy over Public Funding to the Baptist Institutions in Colonial Hong Kong and the United States from the 1950s to the 1970s
Vincent C. P. Lau

From “Funnymentalist” to Friend: The Evolving Relationship of Ben M. Bogard and J. Frank Norris
J. Kristian Pratt

Baptist Beginnings Around the World
Winter 2007               Vol. 42, No.1

The Origins and Early Development of Baptists in Bulgaria
Teodor B. Oprenov

Baptist Beginnings in Russia and Ukraine
Heather J. Coleman

Baptist Origins in Poland
Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

“The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here”: Baptist Beginnings in Liberia
Eddie Stepp

The Origins of Baptists in France
T Thomas

Women, Ministry, and Identity: Establishing Female Deacons at First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas
Bill Pitts

Continuities in American Anti-Catholicism: the Texas Baptist Standard and the Coming of the 1960 Election
Ricky Floyd Dobbs

The Contributions of Baptist Public Figures in America
Summer/Fall 2006        Vol. 41, No. 3

BJC = JMD2: The Contributions of Joseph M. Dawson and James M. Dunn to the Baptist Joint Committee
J. Brent Walker

The Rise, Decline, and Fall of Christian Life Commission Entities and Voices
William M. Tillman, Jr. and W. Andrew Tillman

Christianity and the Social Crisis: Rauschenbusch’s Legacy after a Century
Bill Pitts

Billy Graham: An Appreciation
Denton Lotz

The Life and Times of Barbara Jordan: A Twentieth-Century Baptist and Political Pioneer
Bonnie J. Oliver

Jennings Randolph: Servant, Statesman, Seventh Day Baptist
Nicholas Kersten

Principles over Popularity: The Political Career of Congressman Brooks Hays
C. Fred Williams

Harry Emerson Fosdick’s Role in the War and Pacifist Movements
David P. King

Unclean (Winning Sermon in the 2006 Baptist Heritage Preaching Contest)
Martha Kearse

Baptist Missions in Transition
Spring 2006        Vol. 41, No. 2

The Shifting Landscape in Baptist Missions During the Twentieth Century
T Thomas

Baptist Missions in Recent Decades: Patterns in Laity Involvement,
Particularly among the Younger Generation

Bruce Gourley

The Future of Baptists and Missions
Mike W. Stroope

One Mission, Different Voices: Oversees Missions of the Convention of
Philippine Baptist Churches

Carla Gay A. Romarate-Knipel

Baptist Missionary Funding: From Societies to Centralization, C. Delane Tew

“An Opportunity to Aid in This Good Work”: Power and Agency in the Ann Hasseltine Missionary Society
Mandy McMichael

“Here I Am, Stuck in the Middle with You”: The Baptist Standard, Texas Baptist Leadership, and School Desegregation, 1954 to 1956
Blake Killingsworth

From Colporteurs to Cooperative Program: A Century of Southern Baptist Stewardship and the Rise of the Southern Baptist Convention
David L. Rowe

Judson and Rice Talk to Baptists
Walter B. Shurden

Baptist Women around the World
Winter 2006                Vol. 41, No. 1

Angelina B. Buensuceso: Harbinger of Baptist Ordination of Women in the Philippines
Carla Gay A. Romarate-Knipel

English Baptist Women Under Persecution (1660-1688): A Study of Social Conformity and Dissent
Kirsten Thea Timmer

Women in Cultural Captivity: British Women and the Zenana Mission
Karen E. Smith

Canadian Baptist Mission Work among Women in Andhra, India, 1874-1924
James Elisha

The Role of Women and Women’s Issues in the Baptist World Alliance
Scott E. Bryant

Rebecca Anna Phillips: Question of Authority and Gender Among Primitive Baptists
Jana Mayfield Mullen

Jewell Legett and the Social Curriculum: The Education of a Southern Baptist Woman Missionary at the WMU Training School, 1908-1909
T. Laine Scales

The Quite Revolutionary: Amelia Morton Bishop
Barrett Kent Border and Dan Gentry Kent

The Story of Asenath Brewster: Pioneer in Urban Missions and Mentor of Southern Baptist Leaders
Peter Smith

Women Hymn Writers and Hymn Tune Composers in the Baptist Hymnal, 1991
William J. Reynolds

Baptist Women in America
Summer/Fall 2005        Vol. 40, No. 3

Baptist Women Walking Together in America, 1950-2000
Sarah Frances Anders

Chosen by God: Women Pastors on the Frontiers of the Seventh Day Baptist
by Patricia A. Bancroft

Keep Your Hand on the Plow-Hold On: Black Baptist Women in Pittsburgh,

by Pamela Smoot

Black Baptist Women and the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement, 1956-1963
by Wilson Fallin

African American Baptist Women: A Study of Missions in African American
Churches in Atlanta by Jaquelyn S. Henderson

Remember That You Were Slaves
by Steve Hollaway

Baptist Women Deacons and Deaconesses: Key Developments and Trends,

by Charles W. Deweese

Susan B. Anthony and Helen Barrett Montgomery: An Intergenerational
Feminist Partnership

by Kendal P. Mobley

Sallie Rochester Ford: Fiction, Faith, and Femininity
by Richard Traylor

“Exquisite Powers”: Ann Baker Graves and Corinthia Read Williams,
Obedient Revolutionaries

by Wm. Loyd Allen

Baptist Preaching: Past and Present
Spring 2005                 Vol. 40, No. 2

A Look at Baptist Preaching:  Past, Present, and Future
Charles B. Bugg

John A. Broadus: Shaper of Baptist Preaching
Thomas R. McKibbens, Jr.

“There Is No Armor for the Back”: A Sermon Written from Prison by Thomas Hardcastle, August 18, 1675
Keith E. Durso

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down, Ephesians 2:11-22
Walter B. Shurden

Confessions of a Novice Baptist Preacher
Sarah Jackson Shelton

Confessions of a Vietnamese Baptist Preacher
Ngoc Ha

Confessions of a Bi-Vocational Baptist Preacher
M. Greg Thompson

Toward A Methodology for Teaching Preaching to Baptists
Bernadette Glover-Williams

Over Troubled Waters: Baptist Preachers Who Were Bridge Builders
Thomas R. McKibbens, Jr.

The Unlikely Argument of a Baptist Fundamentalist: John Roach Straton’s Defense of Women in the Pulpit
Lee Canapé

Like a Wildfire: The Growth of Virginia Baptists Between 1765 and 1774
John Ashley Nixon

The Effect and Implications of the Theology of Elder Reuben Ross on Baptist Life
Timothy Mohan

The Baptist Community (Out of Print)
Winter 2005                Vol. 40, No. 1

Who and Where in the World Are the Baptists?
Denton Lots

The Progressive National Baptist Convention
Lawrence H. Williams

Against All Odds: The Fire Shut up in the Bones of L. Enchain Venchael Booth, Founder of the Progressive National Baptist Convention
William D. Booth

Unification to Integration: A Brief History of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas
Albert Reyes

A History of the Korean Immigrant Baptist Church Movement in the United States
Chula Tim Chang

The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church
Elvin Butts

Seventh Day Baptists: A Microcosm of Baptist History
Don Sanford

Fellowship in the Gospel: Scottish Baptists and their Relationships with Other Baptist Churches 1900 to 1945
Brian Talbot

The International Baptist Seminary: A Baptist Attempt at Americanization, Education, and Missions in East Orange, New Jersey
John D. Essick

John Leland: Evolving Views of Slavery, 1789-1839
Bruce Gourley

Baptist Footprints in the Northwest
Summer/Fall 2004                Vol. 39, Nos. 3 & 4

Baptist Beginnings in the Northwest
Michael Kuykendall

An Overview of Northwest Baptist History
Cecil C. Sims

Recovering a Missing Trail in Canadian Baptist Footprints in the Northwest: Stories of Chinese Baptists in Western Canada
Chung-Yan Joyce Chan

A New Paradigm in Japanese Ministry
Mitchisugu (Mitch) Yokoi

Shared Church Facilities: A Study in Three Anglo-Ethnic Arrangements
Martha Jean Mugg Bailey

Theological Influences Affecting Baptist Development in the Northwest
Stephen M. Stookey

Resources for the Study of Baptists in the Northwest in the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
Bill Sumners

Baptist Historiography in the New Century: What Themes Should We Be Addressing?
Richard V. Pierard

Faith on the Run: What I’m Still a Baptist
Ken Sehested

Israel S. Campbell: “The Father of Black Texas Baptists
Joe Early, Jr.

Baptists and Calvinism (No longer in print)
Spring 2004                Vol. 39, No. 2

The Influence of Calvinism on Seventeenth-Century English Baptists
John Briggs

The Influence of Calvinism on Colonial Baptists
Michael E. Williams, Sr.

Youth for Calvin: Reformed Theology and Baptist Collegians
C. Douglas Weaver and Nathan A. Finn

Traditional Baptists and Calvinism
Fisher Humphreys,

Baptists and “Calvinism”: Discerning the Shape of the Question
Philip E. Thompson

Contributions of William Owen Carver to the Missions Movement Among Southern Baptists
Henlee Barnette

Sounding a False Alarm: W. O. Carver and the 1914 Controversy over the Virgin Birth
Mark Wilson

Southern Baptist Women Ministering in Metro New York, 1970-1995
DeLane M. Ryals

William Carey’s Muslim Encounters in India
Galen K. Johnson

Baptists and Academic Freedom
Winter 2004                Vol. 39, No. 1

The Problem of Free Inquiry in Baptist Institutions of Higher Education
J. Jeffrey Tillman

Baptists and Academic Freedom
Nigel G. Wright

Freedom of Academic Inquiry Drives Authentic Theological Education
Thomas H. Graves

Academic Freedom and Southern Baptist History
Slayden A. Yarbrough

Secularization of the Academy: A New Challenge to Baptist Historians
William H. Brackney

Freedom and Irresponsibility: Fundamentalism’s Effect on Academic Freedom in Southern Baptist Life
Derek E. Wittman

Baptist Attitudes toward War and Peace Since 1914
E. Glenn Hinson

Baptists on the Frontier (No longer in print)
Summer/Fall 2003
Vol. 38, No. 3

The Frontier of Free Exchange of Ideas: The Baptist Congress as a Forum for Baptist Concerns, 1880-1912
William H. Brackney

Frontier in Baptist Ethics History: A Panel
William M. Tillman, Jr.
Estelle Owen
David Stricklin

Dissenting Baptists: The Glory of a Hated People: A Sermon
Wallace Alcorn

The American Baptist Publication Society Chapel Cars on the Western Frontier of Faith
Wilma Rugh Taylor
Norman Thomas Taylor

Baptist Women on the Frontier: A Panel
Rosalie Beck
Portia Sikes McKown


Separation, Coordination, and Coeducation: Southern Baptist Approaches to the Higher Education of Women, 1880-1920
Lori Bland Bateman

William Evander Penn: Texas Baptist Evangelist
J. Michael Linder

Baptists and the Old Testament
Winter 2003 Vol. 38, No. 1

The Saint’s Suitor: Crawford H. Toy
Dan Gentry Kent

Repeating Baptist History: The Story of C. H. Toy
Phyllis R. Tippit
W. H. Bellinger, Jr.

The Biblical Theology of H. H. Rowley, 1890-1969
Ronald E. Clements

John Richard Sampey: Shoulders on Which to Stand
Nancy L. deClaissee-Walford

Page H. Kelley: Old Testament Scholar and Devoted Baptist
Daniel S. Mynatt

Round Two: Volume One: The Broadman Commentary Controversy
Jerry Faught, II

Baptists and Judaism
Spring 2003 Vol. 38, No. 2

Christian Ecumenism and Judeo-Baptist Relations in Savannah, Georgia
George H. Shriver

Baptist-Jewish Relations: Some Observations from a German Point of View
Erich Geldbach

Understanding Romans 11:26: Baptist Perspectives
Toby Ziglar

Southern Baptists Abroad: Sharing the Faith in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
H. B. Cavalcanti

Southern Social Justice: Brooks Hays and the Little Rock School Crisis
Terry D. Goddard

The Newport Collection (1766): The First Baptist Hymnal in America
David W. Music

The Conflicted Puritan Inheritance of John Bunyan’s Political Writings
Galen K. Johnson

Baptist Historians and Their Studies  (No Longer In Print)
Winter 2002
Vol. 37, No. 1

Enduring Legacy: William Wright Barnes and Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Michael Williams, Sr.,  Albert Henry Newman, Glenn Jonas, Kenneth Scott Latourette, William L. Pitts

The Origins of the Southern Baptist Convention: A Historiographical Study
Walter B. Shurden
Lori Redwine Varnadoe

The State of State Baptist Histories
Daniel W. Stowell

When Orphans Became Heirs: J. R. Graves and the Landmark Baptists
Chad W. Hall

Baptists and Spirituality (No Longer In Print)
Spring 2002
Vol. 37, No. 2

Baptist Approaches to Spirituality
E. Glenn Hinson

Hearing Baptist Spirituality in Some Conversion Narratives from the American South
William Loyd Allen

F. B. Meyer: Baptist Ambassador for Keswick Holiness Spirituality
Ian M. Randall

A Catholic looks at Baptist Spirituality
Samuel F. Weber

Sing Praise with the Mind: Reflections of a Baptist Theologian-in-Residence
Darren J. N. Middleton

Christian Spirituality and the Quest for Identity: Toward a Spiritual-Theological Understanding of Life in Christ
Stanley J. Grenz

Baptists and Diversity (No Longer In Print)
Summer/Fall 2002 Vol. 37, No. 3

Baptists in Appalachia
Bill J. Leonard

Diverse Baptist Worship Styles: A Panel
Jimmy Garcia III
James M. Porch
Sherman R. Tribble

Theological Variety in the Baptist Experience
Fisher Humphreys

Diverse Baptist Attitudes toward Women: A Panel
Pamela R. Durso
Carolyn D. Blevins
Catherine B. Allen

Standing Firm for Freedom: A Sermon
Steven R. Harmon

Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists
Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

Global Baptist History   (No Longer In Print)
Winter/Spring 2001                Vol. 36, No. 1-2

Baptist World Alliance Relief Efforts in Post-Second-World-War Europe
Richard V. Pierard

Patterns of Canadian Baptist Life in the Twentieth Century
Robert S. Wilson

Central Canadian Baptists and the Role of Cultural Factors in the Fundamentalist-Modernist Schism of 1927
Paul Wilson

Religious Pluralism in the United States and Other Lands: A Challenge for Baptists and Other Christians in 21st Century
Alan Neely

U.S. Baptists and Modernity: Great Dissenters, Lousy Conformists
Edwin S. Gaustad

Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Estonia, 1945-1989: Survival Techniques, Outreach Efforts, Search for Identity
Tovio Pilli

Baptist Developments in the Nordic Countries During The Twentieth Century
Peder A. Eidberg

Another Way of Being a Christian in France: A Century of Baptist Implantation
Sebastien Fath

The Holy Spirit: The Key to the Baptismal Sacramentalism of H. Wheeler Robinson
Anthony R. Cross

Japanese Baptists’ Compromise with Nationalism in 1941
Eiko Kanamaru

Seeking a Turangawaewae: Constructing a Baptist Identity in New Zealand
Martin Sutherland

The Fundamentalist Controversy Concerning the Baptist Theological College of Scotland
Kenneth B. E. Roxburgh

Baptists in Latin America and Their Theological Contributions at the End of the Twentieth Century
Pablo P. Moreno

Baptists and World War II
Summer/Fall 2001 Vol. 36, No. 3

What “Being Baptist” Meant for Southern Baptists during World War II
Walter B. Shurden

Freedom for and Freedom from: Baptists, Religious Liberty, and World War II
Brad Creed

Signs of Peace and Sanity: Baptist Women and World War II
Rosalie Beck

Baptists in Florida, Alabama, Arizona during World War II: A Panel
Mark Rathel
Wayne Flynt
Nelda Kent

Baptists, Music, and World War II
William J. Reynolds

African-American Baptists and World War II
Sandy Martin
Baptist Theology in the 20th Century (No Longer in Print)
Winter 2000               Vol. 35, No. 1

Baptists and Their Theology
Fisher Humphreys

Baptists and Neo-Evangelical Theology
Glenn T. Miller

Baptist Contribution to Liberalism
E. Glenn Hinson

Baptists and Liberation Theology: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
Jorge Pixley

Baptists and Liberation Theology in South America
Pablo Moreno

Conversing in Christian Style: Toward a Baptist Theological Method for the Postmodern Context
Stanley J. Grenz

Baptists and Baptism—A British Perspective
Anthony R. Cross

Baptists and the Social Gospel
Spring 2000 Vol. 35, No. 2

“For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven”: Institutionalizing Youth Benevolence Among Southern Baptists, 1890-1920
Keith Harper

“The Striking of Mind Upon Mind”: The Open Forum and the Social Gospel
Arthur S. Meyers

Cooperative Ownership: Reconsidering a Social Gospel Legacy
Ken Estey

The Kingdom at Hand: The Social Gospel and the Personal Service Department of Woman’ Missionary Union, Auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention
Carol Crawford Holcomb

Missions and Baptist Systematic Theologies
James Leo Garrett, Jr.

Sutton E. Griggs’s Imperium in Imperio as Evidence of Black Baptist Radicalism
Larry Frazier

Reflections on Baptist Life in the Twentieth Century
Summer/Fall 2000 Vol. 35, No. 3

Baptist Identity in the Twentieth Century
Thomas H. Graves

Reflections on Baptist Theological Education in the Twentieth Century
R. Alan Culpepper

Reflections: Baptists and Women’s Issues in the Twentieth Century
Carolyn DeArmond Blevins

Birmingham’s Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth: Unsung Hero of the Civil Rights Movement
Andrew M. Manis

Black Baptists, African Missions, and Racial Identity, 1800-1915: A Case Study of African American Religion
Sandy Dwayne Martin

Pilgrims Through the Years: The Bicentennial of First Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia: An Overview
George H. Shriver

Baptists and the Civil Rights Movement
Winter 1999 Vol. 34, No. 1

Fire in My Bones: The Prophetic Preaching of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Marty Bell

The American Baptist Convention and the Civil Rights Movement: Rhetoric and Response
Dana Martin

“Dying from the Neck Up”: Southern Baptist Resistence to the Civil Rights Movement
Andrew M. Manis

A Theology for Racism: Southern Fundamentalists And the Civil Rights Movement
Bill J. Leonard

John Clifford and Open Church Membership: The Ecclesiology Behind the Policy
Jack McClelland

Millennium and General Articles (No longer in print)
Spring 1999
Vol. 34, No. 2

Southern Baptists and Millennialism, 1900-2000: Conceptual Patterns and Historical Expressions
William L. Pitts

The Confusion of Calendars: The Meaning of the Millennial Change to Other Peoples
Richard V. Pierard

Diversifying the Operation: Southern Baptist Missions in China at the Turn of the Century, 1890-1910
Li Li

The Baptist State Convention of South Carolina and Desegregation, 1954-1971
Mark Newman

SBC Resolutions Regarding Religious Liberty and the Separation of Church and State (1940-1997): A Fundamental Shift
Ronnie Prevost

Baptist Theological Education (No Longer in Print)
Summer/Fall 1999                Vol. 34, No. 3

The Ralph Elliott Controversy: Competing Philosophies of Southern Baptist Seminary Education
Jerry L. Faught, II

A Brief History and Philosophy of Theological Education at Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Molly T. Marshall

Seminary Education in Kansas City: A Model of Diversity in Southern Baptist Life: Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Stephen R. Prescott

The History of Southern Baptist History, 1938-1995
Carol Crawford Holcomb

A Murderous Preacher: Lessons from the Crimes of an Extreme Baptist
Deborah Van Broekhoven

The Ecclesiology of Charles H. Spurgeon: Unity, Orthodoxy, and Denominational Identity
Gregory A. Willis

Harry Truman as Baptist President
Glen Harold Stassen

Baptist History in the Twenty-First Century:  Dreams and Visions
Slayden A. Yarbrough

The History of Southern Baptist History: Restructuring and the New SBHS
Slayden A. Yarbrough

The William Jewell College Story
David O. Moore

The Changing State of Church and State (No Longer in Print)
Winter 1998                Vol. 33, No. 1

John Leland and Isaac Backus on Church and State
Albert W. Wardin

Church and State in Contemporary United States Politics and Religion
Bill M. Tillman

Church and State in Contemporary United States: A Wall of Separation?
James M. Dunn

Church and State in Contemporary United States: Toward a Greater Union: The Accommodation Position
Will Dodson

The Evangelical Accommodationism of SBC Conservatives
Barry Hankins

Baptists and Religious Liberty
George W. Truett

Church and State Relations in the United States: Sources and Scholars
Robert Linder

60 Years of Ministry/General Articles   (No Longer in Print)
Spring 1998                Vol. 33, No. 2

Harry Stagg and the Rise of New Mexico Baptists, 1938-1960
Daniel R. Carnett

C. W. Scudder: Ethicist and Advocate for Kingdom Causes
N. Larry Baker

Opening Menno Simon’s Foundation-Book and Finding the Father of Baptist Origins Alongside the Mother- Calvinist Congregationalism
Glen Harold Stassen

Revisioning Baptist Identity by Naming Our  Origin and Character Rightly
Glen Harold Stassen

Baptist Higher Education in Missouri
W. Williams Combs

Edgar Young Mullins and Evangelical Developments in the Southern Baptist Convention
H. Clark Maddux

Texas Baptists and the Southern Baptist Convention
Autumn  1998 Vol. 33, No. 3

Texas Baptist Contributions to Ethics: The Life and Influence of T. B. Maston
William M. Pinson, Jr.

J. Frank Norris: Rascal or Reformer
Gwin Morris

Jalapeno Baptists and Brotherly Bloodletting
Michael Williams

W. H. Whitsitt and Texas Baptists
Rosalie Beck

The Political Side of B. H. Carroll
Glenn Jonas

Relevancy for Today: Doing Baptist History in a Climate of Controversy – Principles and Pitfalls
Charles Deweese

Buckner Baptist Benevolences and the Texas Baptist Convention: Partnership of Hearts, Hands, and Hope
Karen O’Dell Bullock

Baptists and the White House  (No Longer In Print)
January 1997 Vol. 32, No. 1

Strengthened by Our Faith, Guest Editorial
Rosalyn Carter

Attitudes Toward the White House
Merrill Hawkins, Jr.

Baptist Presidents in the White House
Glen Stassen

Baptist Approaches to Presidential Politics and Church-State Issues
Derek Davis

Insights into the Faith of a President: Interview with President Jimmy Carter
Bill Sumners

Between Province and World: Comparative Religion in the Missionary Apologetic of William Owen Carver
David W. Daily

Two Ways to Be Baptist   (No Longer in Print)
April 1997 Vol. 32, No. 2

Two Ways to be Baptist: An Introduction
Leon McBeth

George W. Truett: Baptist Statesman
Leon McBeth

John Franklyn Norris: Texas Tornado
Leon McBeth

Daniel Parker (1781-1844): Frontier Baptist Warrior for the Old Way
Jeffrey Wayne Taylor

Baptists and the Civil War   (No Longer in Print)
July/October 1997 Vol. 32, No. 3-4

Civil War Vignettes: An Anecdotal History of the Civil War
Fred Anderson

The Ways of Providence: Baptist Nationalism and Dissent in the Civil War
Daniel W. Stowell

God in the Camps: Ministry to the Soldiers
Alan J. Lefever

Effects of the Civil War on Baptist Churches
Jesse C. Fletcher

Slave or Free: Baptist Attitudes Toward African-Americans
Emmanuel L. McCall

Women and the Civil War
Marlene Rikard
Elizabeth C. Wells

Music and the Civil War
Charles Thomas Priest

Under the Banner of King Jesus: Foreign Missions and the Civil War
Edith M. Jeter

The Civil War: Presidents and Religion
Marty G. Bell

The Last Will and Testament of the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
Slayden A. Yarbrough

Living According to God’s Word  (No Longer in Print)
January 1996 Vol. 31, No. 1

Biblical Authority: Foundation of Baptist Heritage
Claude L. Howe, Jr.

Bible Translation: Baptist Contributions to Understanding God’s Word
Roger L. Omanson

William Owen Carver: Advocate for the Biblical Mandate to Live God’s Word in Missions
Helen E. Falls

T. B. Maston: Advocate for Living God’s Word in the Marketplace
Gary E. Farley

Living God’s Word: Implications for Southern Baptists in the 21st Century
Sid Smith

Baptist General Bodies in the USA
Robert G. Gardner

A Look at the Founders of Simmons Bible College
Lawrence H. Williams

SBC Presidents: Credentials, Authority, Influence   (No Longer in Print)
April 1996 Vol. 31, No. 2

SBC Presidential Credentials: A 75-Year Profile
Carolyn DeArmond Blevins

Patterns of SBC Presidential Authority
H. Leon McBeth

Monroe Elmon Dodd, 1878-1952: A Moving Spirit Among Southern Baptists
S. A. Wilkins

Anti-Creedalism in the Down Grade Controversy
Patrick R. Leland

The Role of the States in Southern Baptist History Writing
Robert G. Gardner

State Baptist Historical Reports, 1995

Historical Commission Annual Report

Society President’s Annual Report

Southern Baptists and Worship  (No Longer In Print)\
July 1996 Vol. 31, No. 3

Baptist Hymnals as Shapers of Worship
David W. Music

What is the Role of Proclamation in Southern Baptist Worship?
Al Fasol

Where Do We Worship?
William L. Hendricks

What is the Southern Baptist Heritage of Worship?
James E. Carter

Women: Leading and Planning Worship
Sharon Leding Lawhon

Southern Baptist Identity   (No Longer in Print)
October 1996              Vol. 31, No. 4

The Distinctive Identity of Southern Baptists Vis-à-vis Other Baptists
James Leo Garrett, Jr.

Southern Baptist Identity: Influenced by Calvinism
Thomas J. Nettles

Southern Baptist Identity: Moving Away from Calvinism
W. Wiley Richards

Southern Baptist Identity: Shaped by Convention Action
Karen O’Dell Bullock

Southern Baptist Identity: Beyond the Program and Structure Study Committee: Two Views
Mark A. Brister
Bill J. Leonard

The 1677/89 London Baptist Confession of Faith: A Soteriological Study
R. Philip Roberts

The Evangelistic Heritage of Southern Baptists   (No Longer in Print)
January 1995              Vol. 30, No. 1

Guest Editorial: Here’s Hope: Share Jesus Now!
Darrell W. Robinson

Billy Graham’s Contributions to World Evangelism
J. Mark Terry

Southern Baptist Global Evangelism, 1950-1994:Strategies, Tensions, Achievements
William R. Estep, Jr.

The Mega Focus Cities Program
Jere Allen

Patterns of Evangelism in First Baptist Church, Springdale, Arkansas, 1970-1994
Ralph Burrage

The Effect of the Jesus Movement on Evangelism  in the Southern Baptist Convention
Alvin Reid

Southern Baptists and the Home Missions Challenge   (No Longer in Print)
April 1995 Vol. 30, No. 2

Guest Editorial: Southern Baptists and the Home Mission Challenge
Larry L. Lewis

Turning Points in the History of the Home Mission Board and Home Mission Board Contributions
Charles L. Chaney
Francis M. DuBose

Home Mission Board Executives
J. C. Bradley

The Work of Home Missionaries, 1970-1995
C. Thomas Wright

State Baptist Historical Reports for 1994

Historical Commission Annual Report

Southern Baptist Historical Society® President’s Report

The Spirit of Southern Baptists, 1845-1995  (No Longer in Print)
July 1995 Vol. 30, No. 3

Shapers of the Southern Baptist Spirit
Jesse C. Fletcher

The Beginnings of the Southern Baptist Convention
Marty G. Bell

The Southern Baptist Spirit, 1845-1995
Slayden Yarbrough

Cooperation and Crisis
H. Leon McBeth

A Time to Remember
Charles B. Bugg

Heritage and Hope: Lessons of Our Past for the Future: A Panel Discussion
Lessons for the Future in Missions
Dellanna O’Brien
An African-American Perspective Emmanuel L. McCall
Lessons for the Local Church William F. Harrell
The Spirit of Freedom Carol Woodfin

The Status of Baptist History (No Longer In Print)
October 1995              Vol. 30, No. 4

The Status of Baptist History: Academic Curricula, Textbooks, and Teaching
Carolyn DeArmond Blevins

The Status of Baptist History: Churches, Associations, State Conventions, SBC, and Related Organizations
Adrian Lampkin

The Status of Baptist History: Research, Writing, and Publishing
Robert E. Johnson

Selected Baptist Historical Literature in America, 1975-1995

Robert G. Gardner

“The Glory of a True Church”: Benjamin Keach and Church Order Among Late 17th Century Particular Baptists
J. Barry Vaughan

Role Models in Southern Baptist Service   (No Longer in Print)
January 1994 Vol. 29, No. 1

Elizabeth Morse: Missionary to American Indians
Lydia Huffman Hoyle

A. E. Brown: Mountain Schools Superintendent \
H. Page Lee

Owen Cooper: Chemical Corporation CEO and Bi-Vocational Missionary
Don McGregor

The Sandy Creek Association: A Test of Baptist Polity
Glenn Thomas Carson

John Taylor Jones on Baptism
Robert R. Hudson

Heroines of Baptist Hymnody                                             |
David W. Music

Luther Rice, Musician
David W. Music

Tape-Recording Your Church’s History

Southern Baptist Perspectives on Education   (No Longer in Print)
April 1994 Vol. 29, No. 2

Guest Editorial: The Uses of History
Albert McClellan

Southern Baptist Theological Education
Daniel O. Aleshire

Southern Baptist College and University Education
Arthur L. Walker

Southern Baptist Elementary and Secondary Education
Fred Donehoo

Reflections on Baptist Origins: The London Confession of Faith of 1644
Stanley A. Nelson

State Baptist Historical Reports for 1993

Historical Commission Annual Report

Southern Baptist Historical Society® President’s Report

Ministries of Baptist Laypeople   (No Longer in Print)
July 1994 Vol. 29, No. 3

Laypersons: Making a Difference in Today’s World
June Whitlow

A Community of Visible Saints: A Historical Overview of Lay Ministries
Rosalie Beck

The Samaritan Imperative: Southern Baptist Meeting Human Needs in Times of Crisis
C. Ben Mitchell

To the Ends of the Earth: Lay Volunteers in Missions: A Panel Discussion
Who Will Go For Us?
Nell T. Bobo
Short-Term Medical Volunteer Missions Walter C. Sandusky, Jr.
Fruit That Will Last
Janice Davidson

Rescue the Perishing: Ministries to People in Need: A Panel Discussion
The Complexity of Homelessness
Warren B. Jordan
Ministry to Victims of Abuse Joy L. Garcia
Literacy Work Sue Stancil
The Three H’s of AIDS Ministry Betty G. Dawson

The Future of Lay Ministries in the Southern Baptist Convention
James D. Williams