Baptist Style Pamphlet Series 

Baptist History and Heritage Society 

Baptist Style Pamphlet Series Jointly Sponsored
by the Baptist History and Heritage Society
and the Whitsitt Baptist Heritage Society

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Turning Points in Baptist History
Walter B. Shurden

Doing Faith Baptist Style: Voluntarism
E. Glenn Hinson

Doing Freedom Baptist Style: Liberty of Conscience
Charles W. Deweese

Doing Authority Baptist Style: The Bible
Claude L. Howe Jr.

Doing Baptism Baptist Style: Believer’s Baptism
William H. Brackney

Doing Ministry Baptist Style: The Priesthood of All Believers
Carolyn D. Blevins

Doing Missions Baptist Style: A Passion for the Gospel
Bill J. Leonard

Doing Church Baptist Style: Congregationalism
Carol C. Holcomb

Doing Diversity Baptist Style: Major Variations
Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

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