Preaching Contest

The Baptist History and Heritage Society, in cooperation with the H. Franklin Paschall Chair of Biblical Studies and Preaching at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, announces a Baptist Heritage Preaching Contest.

Purpose:    The purpose of the contest is to encourage the preaching of sermons that emphasize Baptist heritage and principles.

Eligibility: 1.   Anyone who is currently preaching in some capacity is 

2.      Baptist History and Heritage Society staff and officers, H. Franklin Paschall Chair of Biblical Studies, and Moench Leadership Center personnel at Belmont University are not eligible to participate.

Dates:       1.   Manuscripts must be turned in by February 15.

2.      Winners will be announced by April 1. The first-place winner will be invited to attend the Baptist History and Heritage Society’s annual meeting to deliver the sermon.

Awards:    1.   The following awards will be given for the top three

a.                $400 first prize

b.                $300 second prize

c.                $200 third prize




2.        Travel expense (up to $1,000) will be provided for the first-prize winner to receive the award.

3.        The award-winning sermon(s) will be posted on Belmont’s and the Baptist History and Heritage Society’s Web sites.

4.        All three winners will receive a plaque.

5.        The first-place winner will receive a 1-year membership in the Baptist History and Heritage Society.

6.        The first-place winner will receive a complimentary registration to the Baptist History and Heritage Society annual meeting.


1.        The length of the sermon should be 2,500 words or less.

2.        The sermon must focus on some aspect(s) of Baptist heritage and principles.

3.        All quotations must be documented.

4.        Participants must be submitted by email to by February 15 to be  eligible for the awards. The pages of the sermon must not contain any name of identifying features so the sermons can be judged blind.




5.        The sermon must be submitted in English.

6.         Sermons must be the original work of the submitter and must not have been published previously.

7.        The sermons become the property of the Baptist History and Heritage Society and Belmont University.

8.    All Baptists are eligible to participate.

Judging:    Sermons will be judged on the basis of the following:

1.      Biblical accuracy

2.      Attention to traditional historical/heritage issues

3.      Originality

4.      Timeliness of topic

5.      Quality of sermon construction

6.      Ability to motivate/inform about heritage issues


Presentation of Awards:

Awards will be presented at the annual meeting of the Baptist History and Heritage Society.


1.         Include a brief cover letter giving any significant background about the sermon.




2.         Include a brief biographical sketch.

3.         Include mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.

4.         All entries should be emailed to:


Award Winning Sermons

2008 First Place Sermon
Till Moss Grows on My Eyebrows
by Courtney Kreuger

2007 First Place Sermon
When Baptists Bluff, or Believe
by W. Brent Jones

2006 First Place Sermon
by Martha Kearse

2005 First Place Sermon
Remember That You Were Slaves
by Steve Holloway

2004 First Place Sermon
Faith on the Run: Why I'm Still a Baptist
by Ken Sehested

2003 First Place Sermon
Dissenting Baptists: The Glory of a Hated People
by Wallace Alcorn

2002 First Place Sermon
Standing Firm for Freedom
by Steven R. Harmon