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The Story of Baptists
in the United States

by Pamela R. Durso and Keith E. Durso

$15 (singly copy) or $150 (case of 14)
price includes shipping/handling

The Story of Baptists in the United States is a great resource for educating current and future generations about our unique history. Consisting of 224 pages and including more than 160 photos and illustrations, the volume is suitable for a variety of uses, including church group studies, university and seminary classrooms, church and historical society libraries and individual reading. Included in the volume are accounts of the lives and work of well-known and lesser-known Baptist men and women. Women, ethnic minorities and small Baptist denominations are featured alongside of more well known Baptist groups.

From Baptist historian Walter B. Shurden: "This book from Keith and Pam Durso for students, laity, and clergy is a highly readable, remarkably insightful, and much needed chronological survey of the largest Protestant denomination in the United States."


An Experiment in

A History of the European
Baptist Theological

by Carol Woodfin

$20 (single copy) / $150 (case of 12)
shipped to U.S. address

$40 (single copy) / $300 (case of 12)
shipped to International address

From historian Karen Bullock: “The story of the founding and sixty-four-year growth of the European Baptist Theological Seminary, from its earliest days at Ruschlikon, Switzerland, through its sojourn in Prague, Czech Republic, to its imminent move to Amsterdam, Holland, is a tale of heroism, tension, ministry, struggle, endurance, and love ... Carol Woodfin has delivered a masterful work that adds significantly to the varied fields of Baptist theological, institutional, and ecclesial history; global Baptist relationships; and mission strategy."

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Choose from 10 booklet selections:

An Introduction to Baptist Principles
(Bill Leonard)

An Introduction to Baptists
(Charles Deweese)

A Short History of the Cooperative
Baptist Fellowship
(Pamela Durso)

Baptist Prophets: Their Lives and Contributions
(William Tillman Jr.)

Baptists and the Lordship of Christ
(Charles Deweese)

Baptist Theology: A Really Short Version
(Fisher Humphreys)

Challenges Confronting Baptist Missions
(William O’Brien)

Freedom: The Key to Baptist Genius
(Charles Deweese)

Issues Testing Baptist Polity
(William Pinson Jr.)

Music and Worship: The Emerging Experience of Baptists
(David Music)

Religious Liberty and Church-State Separation
(Brent Walker)

The Crafts of Preaching and
Writing Baptist History
(Walter Shurden, Wayne Flynt)

The Meaning of the Baptist Experience
(William Hull)

Who Interprets the Bible for Baptists?
(Glenn Hinson)


Baptist History & Heritage Society
151 Broadleaf Dr.
Macon, GA 31210
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