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Welcome to the Baptist History & Heritage Video Repository. Here you will find exclusive videos designed for use in the teaching of Baptist history and identity. BH&HS videos are suitable for use in university and seminary classrooms, and are also helpful for use in congregational settings.

All videos, unless otherwise noted, are copyright Baptist History & Heritage Society. Baptist History departments of universities and seminaries are welcome to contribute videos to the Repository. Please contact Bruce Gourley for more information.


Videos Now Available

Young Cooperative Baptists, Our Story video cbf 2016

Stories and Hopes of young CBF Baptists is a new video produced in conjunction with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and with funding from the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation. (2016)

“Our Faith Heritage: Sharing Christ’s Love in Word and Deed”
Bruce Gourley, preaching at Central Baptist Church Bearden, Knoxville, Tennessee (2016)

“Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights and the Baptist Faith” Edward Crowther, Audio (2015)

“Social Justice Today: Nashville and Beyond”
Robert M. Franklin, Audio (2015)

“Social Justice Today: Nashville and Beyond”
Forrest E. Harris, Audio (2015)

“Baptists and the Civil Rights Movement in Nashville”
Kelly Miller Smith, Jr., Audio (2015)

“Baptists and the Civil Rights Movement in Nashville”
Bobby Lovett, Audio (2015)

“Baptists and Social Justice: From the Present into the Future”
Panel Discussion, Audio (2015)

“Civil Rights and Social Justice”
Questions and Answer Session With Kelly Miller Smith, Jr. and Bobby Lovett, Audio (2015)

“Predatory Lending”
Panel Discussion, Audio (2015)


Other Recommended Online Video Resources:

The following videos are not BH&HS produced or distributed but are recommended by the BH&HS:

Bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church — History Channel

“Baptist Briefs” Series from Bill Jones, Texas Baptists Committed

Gary Burton’s 40th Anniversary Celebration as Pastor of Pintlala Baptist Church, Alabama

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