W. O. Carver Distinguished Service Award

The W. O. Carver Distinguished Service Award recognizes and pays tribute to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of Baptist history. Recipients have exhibited rare and unusual dedication to the cause of Baptist history through writing, teaching, denominational service, archival and library development, historical center and society work on national and state levels, communicating Baptist heritage, and interpreting the history of Baptists.

Previous Recipients

2017    Carol Holcomb
2016    Loyd Allen
2015    Delane Tew
2014    Doug Weaver
2013    Mike Williams
2012    Jerry Faught
2011    Bill Sumners
2010    Pamela Durso
2009    Richard V. Pierard
2008    Edwin S. Gaustad
2007    Bill J. Leonard
2006    Bill Pitts
2005    Rosalie Beck
2004    R. Quinn Pugh (posthumously)
2003    William J. Reynolds
2002    Claude L. Howe, Jr.
2001    Walter B. Shurden
2000    Slayden A. Yarbrough
1999    J. Wayne Flynt
1998    E. Earl Joiner (posthumously)
1997    Albert W. Wardin, Jr.
1996    Carolyn D. Blevins
1995    Charles W. Deweese
1994    William R. Estep, Jr.
1993    W. Morgan Patterson
1992    Lee Norcross Allen
1991    C. Penrose St. Amant
1990    F. Wilbur Helmbold (posthumously)
1989    H. Leon McBeth
1988    John S. Moore
1987    William L. Lumpkin
1986    Robert G. Gardner
1985    J. M. Gaskin
1984    Loulie Latimer Owens
1983    Leo T. Crismon
1982    Robert A. Baker

The Distinguished Service Award was presented by the Southern Baptist Historical  Commission from in 1982-1997, by the Southern Baptist Historical Society® in 1998-2000, and by the Baptist History and Heritage Society in 2001-present.