A History of the European Baptist Theological Seminary

An Experiment in Christian Internationalism: A History of the European Baptist Theological Seminary

by Carol Woodfin

Published by the Baptist History & Heritage Society, 2013, 448 pages

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Review and Expositor
Janlyn Thaxton (Hardin-Simmons)

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“The experiment in Christian internationalism began in 1948 when Southern Baptists announced they would found a seminary to train ministers to serve in a Europe ravaged by World War II. Many received the news skeptically, but the seminary soon gained the respect of European Baptists. Graduates have now served in more than sixty countries. The story unfolds against the backdrop of European post-war recovery, the rise and fall of communism, and greater Baptist interaction in Europe. The seminary has faced financial crises, a move from Switzerland to the Czech Republic, theological controversies, and changing needs of theological education, while continuing to serve as a unique academic center and community for European and world Baptists.”