On Mission With God: Free and Faithful Baptists in the 21st Century (Pamela Durso, editor)

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Ron Crawford, President, Baptist Theological Seminary



On Mission With God: Free and Faithful Baptists in the Twenty-First Century is not a comprehensive volume about Baptist missions. It is not a full study of Baptist missiology. It is, however, a wide-angled snapshot of moderate Baptist thinking in the second decade of the twenty-first century. The book includes chapters on Baptists’ biblical, theological and philosophical understanding of Baptist missions. It also includes chapters that record the stories of Baptists who are involved in missions in the twenty-first century as individuals and through organizations, institutions and congregations.
Contributing authors: Hugo H. Culpepper, R. Alan Culpepper, Amy Whipple Derrick, Dennis W. Foust, David Emmanuel Goatley, Bruce Gourley, Fisher Humphreys, Julie Whidden Long, Denton Lotz, Emmanuel McCall, Rob Nash, Bo Prosser, Albert L. Reyes, Andi Thomas Sullivan.

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