Baptist History and Heritage Month: October

This is Your Story: Invest in ItOctober is Baptist History & Heritage Month, a time to share our stories as a family of faith. From the timeless narratives of the well-known heroes of our faith to the stories of members past and present within your own congregation, Baptist History & Heritage Month is an opportunity for you and your church to be challenged and strengthened in the faith (Acts 16:5).

Whether in a Sunday School class, Bible study setting, discussion group, or from the pulpit, the BH&HS encourages you to incorporate the Baptist story into the life of your church in the month of October.

The BH&HS provides the following resources for the celebration of Baptist History & Heritage Month:

A Selection of Free Baptist Identity Resources — Various authors, including James Dunn, Glenn Hinson, Pam Durso, and Doug Weaver. All you pay is the shipping.

Books, booklets and pamphlets – From simple pamphlets to short booklets and insightful books, you will find printed materials suitable for use in your church. Authors include: Bill J. Leonard, E. Glenn Hinson, Walter B. Shurden, Bruce Gourley, Wayne Flynt, William E. Hull, Julie Whidden Long, Pam Durso, Keith E. Durso, Charles W. Deweese, William M. Tillman Jr., Fisher Humphreys, Rob Nash, J. Brent Walker, Carolyn D. Blevins, David W. Music, William M. Pinson Jr., and many others.

Common Baptist Themes – In 2010, Baptist historians throughout America issued a statement entitled “An Affirmation of Common Baptist Themes.” The statement is a good starting point for a group discussion on “What it Means to be Baptist.”

History Speaks to Hard Questions Baptists Ask – The Baptist heritage of freedom of conscience allows us to ask hard questions about our faith. These online resources address the hard questions being asked by Baptists in the 21st century. Use them in your Sunday School class, Bible study or small group discussion.

Bulletin Insert Series – Used by hundreds of congregations during the 400th anniversary of Baptists in 2009, this series of bulletin inserts contains timeless, helpful information. (Scroll to bottom of page see bulletin inserts.)

Baptists and the American Civil War – The years 2011-2015 are the 150th anniversary years of the American Civil War, a terrible conflict that forever shaped the American conscience. Religion played a pivotal role in the conflict. The Society offers a digital daily journal of the Baptist experience, South and North, white and black, during the 150th anniversary years. This digital journal is an excellent resource for understanding Baptists during the Civil War years.

Religious Liberty and Church State Separation – In the 21st century, many Baptists have forgotten, and are often hostile to, their faith heritage of religious liberty for all and church state separation. This collection of resources provides helpful material for the teaching of these important foundations of the Baptist faith heritage, as well as guidance for addressing the fabrications of modern Christian America mythology.

October is the month to celebrate our faith heritage. Please join us in doing so, and let us know if you are participating in Baptist History & Heritage Month.