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Baptist History & Heritage Society Books

Our most popular books are available for online purchase.

You may also order our books, booklets ($3 per booklet, including shipping), pamphlets (Baptist Origins series or Baptist Style series; $3 for eight pamphlets, including shipping) and Journal editions via postal mail using our print order form, by email ( or by phone (478-297-7838).

The following books are currently available through our print order form, by email or by phone:

On Mission With God: Free and Faithful Baptists by Pamela R. Durso (editor)

The Story of Baptist in the United States by Pamela R. and Keith E. Durso

The Twelve Baptist Tribes in the USA by Albert Wardin
** To order this book contact Jackie Riley  by phone (478-297-7838) or email @

Portraits of Courage: Stories of Baptist Heroes by Julie Whidden Long

A Capsule History of Baptists by Bruce T. Gourley

A Capsule History of Baptist Principles by William H. Brackney

Courage & Hope: The Stories of Ten Baptist Women Ministers by Pamela R. and Keith E. Durso

Thy Will Be Done: A Biography of George W. Truett by Keith E. Durso

No Armor for the Back: Baptist Prison Writings by Keith E. Durso

No Longer Ignored: A Collection of Articles on Baptist Women by Deweese and Durso (editors)

A How to Manual for Your Church’s History

We also offer a popular “Baptist Heritage Library” booklet series authored by: Bill J. Leonard, E. Glenn Hinson, Walter B. Shurden, Wayne Flynt, William E. Hull, Fisher Humphreys, J. Brent Walker, Carolyn D. Blevins, Charles W. Deweese, Pamela R. Durso, William M. Tillman Jr., David W. Music, William M. Pinson Jr., and William R. O’Brien. Booklets are $3 each, including shipping.

These booklets are available through our print order form or by phone.

In addition, our “Baptist Origins” pamphlet series and our “Baptist Style” pamphlet series are available at the price of $3 for any eight, through our print order form or phone.